ApplTop Solutions Releases Segregation of Duties Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite

12th September 2005 -- ApplTop Solutions, a provider of productivity and compliance solutions, announced today the release of its latest product, ASL*Comply, a fully integrated Segregation of Duties solution for the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Segregation of Duties (SOD) is an internal control intended to prevent and reduce the occurrence of inadvertent error and deliberate fraud. This is achieved by ensuring that no single individual has control over all phases of a transaction. Achieving this level of control in large-scale enterprise applications is far from trivial unless you have the right kind of toolkit available. ASL*Comply provides the user with a simple suite of tools designed to make the whole process of enforcing your SOD controls very quick and simple.

Craig O'Neill, CEO and founder of ApplTop says "Segregation of Duties issues are fast becoming a major headache for many organizations in that they often do not have the right tools to enforce their SOD policies. ASL*Comply has been designed to be as simple as possible whilst providing the user with a set of tools that can be used to enforce SOD internal controls very quickly with minimal fuss."

ASL*Comply utilizes a simple matrix mechanism that is used to define conflicts at both responsibility and function level. Once the conflict matrix has been defined, ASL*Comply automatically prevents SOD violations from occurring. ASL*Comply ships with a whole host of online, interactive reporting screens that can be used to query any conflict data produced. It also incorporates an Access Request system to permit access through authorization when necessary.

Mr O'Neill goes on to say "ASL*Comply is a very simple yet powerful solution that can really help an organization nail down any SOD issues. It is a welcome addition to our larger SOX*Suite solution but it can also be licensed on a standalone basis."

ASL*Comply is available now. Full details are available directly from the ApplTop Solutions website at

About ApplTop Solutions

Founded during 1999 and based in England, ApplTop Solutions Limited is an independent software vendor within the Oracle Applications complimentary software market. ApplTop offers a range of innovative productivity and compliance solutions that deliver real and measurable cost and time benefits to businesses worldwide.

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