Software AG Announces Enhancements to its ApplinX Legacy Modernization Product

ApplinX to support the open-source Eclipse development environment, Fujitsu-Siemens' BS2000/OSD operating system, and additional languages

DALLAS, September 13, 2005 -- Software AG, Inc. today announced enhancements for its ApplinX legacy modernization software, including support for the open source Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), the Fujitsu-Siemens BS2000/OSD operating system, as well as Arabic, Farsi and Turkish languages. The enhancements to ApplinX will further ease the task of creating standard programmatic components (including Web screens and Web services) from legacy systems that can be readily incorporated into modern environments such as Java, .NET and enterprise portals.

The announcement was made at the Gartner Application Development and Enterprise Architecture Summits.

Capitalizing on legacy systems' longstanding strengths of reliability, security, and high performance, ApplinX provides the ability to preserve and extend legacy applications and integrate them into Web services and SOA environments. ApplinX lets users combine multiple screens into a single Web page, and automatically generates Web components and Web services based upon XML, SOAP and WSDL standards. Furthermore, ApplinX’ user-friendly composing and administration tools enable developers to achieve rapid results using their existing Java and/or .NET programming skills. Additional ease-of-use benefits include:

  • No need for developers to understand or access legacy application code

  • No need for developers to write new code

  • No special technical training required to use the product

  • No need to install new software on the legacy host

  • No need for client terminals or local terminal emulation software

"With the new version of ApplinX, we continue to help customers around the world drive their legacy systems forward," said Joe Gentry, vice president of enterprise transaction systems for Software AG. "Our support for a wide variety of legacy systems within a single modernization product gives our customers the power to adapt, while ApplinX’s no-coding, point-and-click approach allows developers with no legacy skills whatsoever to achieve rapid modernization results within weeks or even days."

Eclipse IDE Support

Because ApplinX now supports the globally accepted Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), open-source developers can achieve legacy modernization using their familiar toolset, thus increasing developer productivity. For more information on Eclipse, visit

Additional Language Support

The new version of ApplinX adds support for Arabic, Farsi and Turkish – alongside its current support for all Western languages, plus double-byte languages (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) as well as Hebrew, Russian and Thai. The result is that ApplinX now addresses the requirements of virtually every global organization that needs to modernize legacy systems built in a variety of languages.

ApplinX now brings a wide variety of legacy modernization options to the approximately 1000 companies (predominantly in Europe) that use the Fujitsu-Siemens BS2000/OSD (9750) operating system. Additional enhancements to ApplinX include support for Natural® data uploads and downloads, the ability to make global changes to a group of screens, instant extensions, and support for HTML Document Object Model (DOM).

To download a 30-day trial version of ApplinX, go to:

More about ApplinX

ApplinX is part of Software AG’s Enterprise Legacy Integrator (ELI) product portfolio, which enables organizations to save costs and enhance productivity by preserving and extending the value of their current technology investments.

ApplinX conforms to virtually any organization's pre-defined infrastructure and standards. ApplinX can be deployed within any J2EE application server environment and communicates with a comprehensive set of legacy platforms, including the zSeries and IBM mainframe (3270), iSeries - former AS/400 (5250), Unisys (T27), Fujitsu (6680), Natural UNIX, HP3000, Tandem (6530), and now Siemens OSD/BS2000 (9750).

Development plug-ins provide the ApplinX Server components within a Java development environment, such as OptimalJ, and now, Eclipse. ApplinX supports J2EE-compliant application servers such as IBM WebSphere, Sun iPlanet, BEA WebLogic, Oracle 9i and others.

ApplinX also provides a comprehensive .NET legacy integration infrastructure and .NET application framework, including automatic generation of components for .NET. Certain legacy business processes may be encapsulated as part of .NET-based composite applications, and certain legacy applications may be extended to a .NET Web interface or SharePoint portal. In addition, legacy data may be accessed and updated from a BizTalk Server.

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