Reduce Mainframe Costs with Lightning DEDB for IMS Fast Path Databases

SUGAR LAND, Texas -- September 20, 2005 -- NEON Enterprise Software, Inc., the technology leader in enterprise data availability software and services, today released Lightning DEDB, a new product designed to reduce CPU costs and maximize IMS Fast Path DEDB database performance.

To handle the rapid growth of high-availability, high-performance DEDB databases, Lightning DEDB quickly locates available space in the independent overflow (IOVF) area. Typically, as the independent overflow is used, the time it takes to locate available space geometrically increases, which increases CPU usage and severely reduces performance. When performance reaches unacceptable levels, maintenance must be performed on the database, causing a disruption in data availability and consumption of hardware resources.

Lightning DEDB enables IMS Fast Path DEDB databases to grow without performance penalties reducing the need for maintenance, resulting in significant CPU savings.

"One of the most common requests we get from customers is to help them find ways to get more done with their mainframe assets while spending less," said Don Pate, CEO, NESI. "Lightning DEDB is a big step forward for customers who want to lower the cost of their IMS Fast Path environment."

Lightning DEDB improves the efficiency of the space search routine enabling all the available IOVF space to be used without incurring performance slow-downs. Automatic alerts can be configured for real-time notification of critical space depletion levels and rates.

Lightning DEDB works seamlessly with Eclipse iExtend products, which dynamically increase DEDB storage capacity while the database remains online and available for updating. Using these products together addresses expanding capacity requirements while assuring high-performance and high data availability.

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