Composite Software Increases Performance, Reach, and Value of EII

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- October 11, 2005 -- Composite Software, an enterprise information integration (EII) leader, has released Composite Information Server (CIS) 3.6. CIS 3.6 gives enterprises faster and broader access to data stored in disparate locations and applications by accelerating query response times and extending EII’s benefits to more users.

CIS 3.6 introduces a new modeling wizard that allows developers to effectively support the growing number of XML-based applications. Until now, constructing XML data from raw sources for use in dashboards or views was difficult and time consuming, slowing adoption of real-time XML-based applications. With CIS 3.6, IT can more easily construct XML content from disparate hierarchical and relational sources. The XQuery-based wizard also provides extensibility and standards compliance.

“Enterprises now clearly see the value of being able to free data from the restrictions of location and deliver it to the desktop in a meaningful way,” said Wister Walcott, vice president of marketing at Composite Software. “Composite is committed to making it easier for IT to deliver a clear view of the underlying business -- customers, products, orders or any other critical entity -- regardless of how or where that data is stored. These new capabilities are a direct reflection of the needs of companies across the hundreds of EII projects now underway. The result is a product that offers a more robust EII solution than anything else on the market.”

CIS 3.6 also provides new event-handling capabilities that help companies manage business changes as they are happening. For example, instead of requesting a daily report of inventory levels, a manufacturer may want to be notified of potential stock-out situations before they arise. Event support provides the capability to monitor and combine distributed data sources on an ongoing basis, and to raise alerts when certain conditions become true. Unlike many Business Activity Monitoring systems, Composite works with standard data sources and access languages (such as SQL and XML), thereby leveraging existing IT investments and training.

To boost total throughput and decrease query times, Composite has made a number of enhancements to the Intelligent Query (IQ) optimizer. The optimizer interprets incoming queries on-the-fly and generates the best execution plan for each one.

As more software and service providers require “single-view” capabilities, or improved integration at customer deployments, EII is becoming a critical solution component. Composite leads the market in embedded EII technology. Cognos, Informatica, EDS and BMC Software, among others, embed Composite’s EII functionality into their products or services. CIS 3.6 extends embedding support in significant ways. All installation, metadata and server management are now accessible through a published API. The new capability enables solution providers to add the power of federation to their existing architectures seamlessly, without new modules or administration tools.

CIS 3.6 is available now, and is free to existing Composite-supported customers.

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