Progress Software Dataxtend Line Efficiently Delivers Data to Distributed Applications

New products improve concurrent access, scale distributed applications to thousands of nodes, and propagate and synchronize changes across heterogeneous databases

BEDFORD, Mass. -- October 17, 2005 -- Progress Real Time Division, a leader in real-time products for event stream processing, data management, data access and synchronization, and an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation, today introduced the Progress® DataXtend™ product line, which provides enterprises with key capabilities to efficiently deliver data to applications. The new DataXtend product line includes Progress DataXtend RE (Replication Engine) for mobile users and others with inconsistent network reliability, and Progress DataXtend CE (Cache Engine) to enable high performance distributed applications.

With Progress DataXtend, enterprises can scale their distributed applications to thousands of nodes and empower mobile users and those in remote offices to use applications with the same responsiveness and quality of service that their central office counterparts have. DataXtend RE and DataXtend CE support concurrent access across applications through automatic database replication and transactional synchronization.

"The kind of data services promised by both DataXtend RE and DataXtend CE from the Progress Real Time Division, represent crucial components to enterprise information management (EIM) in a distributed service-oriented architecture, especially where remote or mobile workers are involved," said Carl Olofson, IDC. "In an always-on environment, where all forms of reference data across the enterprise must be constantly available, such data services should provide the transactional views of shared data that power applications in real-world environments."

DataXtend RE is a heterogeneous database replication and synchronization product. It allows occasionally connected or mobile workers to make full use of enterprise software such as sales force automation. It also supports continuous operation in remote offices which may become disconnected from the central office. DataXtend RE’s peer-to-peer architecture allows it to scale a replication network to support distributed applications running at thousands of sites. Customers can add new sites to the replication network without causing performance degradation to existing sites. DataXtend RE also includes the conflict-resolution, performance, and large deployment management capabilities required to support reliable real-time data access.

DataXtend CE is an enterprise database caching product. It expands an organization’s ability to support high-speed concurrent access to relational data in whatever format is required by the application logic. Continuous Cache Coordination (CCC) ensures that changes made to the database by existing applications are proactively “pushed” to the distributed cache, maintaining the fresh and consistent data required of an enterprise data caching infrastructure. DataXtend CE provides Eclipse-based graphical tools which offer a choice of model-driven or schema-driven development to simplify and accelerate development of enterprise applications that access relational data. DataXtend CE also supports cross platform deployment for applications written in Java™, C++ or C#.

DataXtend RE and DataXtend CE are available today. For additional information, please visit or contact your Progress Real Time Division sales representative.

About Progress Real Time Division

The Progress Real Time Division provides event stream processing, data management, data access, and synchronization products to enable the real-time enterprise. Our products monitor and analyze real-time event stream data for applications such as algorithmic trading and RFID; accelerate the performance of existing databases through sophisticated caching; manage and process complex data in the industry’s leading object database; and support occasionally connected or mobile users requiring real-time access to enterprise applications. Progress Real Time can be reached at or 781-280-4000.


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