Kaseya Releases Version 4.5, New Backup and Disaster Recovery Module

New features for the IT framework and expanded managed service offerings

October 18, 2005, San Francisco, CA -- Kaseya Corporation, a leading provider of IT managed services software that opens up IT automation to highly distributed enterprises and IT managed service providers, announced today the release of version 4.5 of the Kaseya IT Framework and the release of the first add-on module for the system, Backup and Disaster Recovery. This is the third new release of the Kaseya IT Framework this year demonstrating an aggressive commitment to providing enterprise IT administrators and IT managed service providers with the features and functions they need to be successful.

Kaseya 4.5 delivers several new features and enhancements to an already robust IT management framework which allows for the automation of periodic IT tasks. The new features and enhancements in the following areas: patch management, scheduling, reports, help desk and ticketing, client management, system management, security, performance and customization. For example, support for the discovery and deployment of Microsoft Office patches has been added to patch management along with the ability to rollback patches.

In addition, Kaseya 4.5 sports a new fully integrated add-on module for backup and disaster recovery. The Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery module offers far greater flexibility for IT managed service providers and corporate IT departments. From one integrated Web interface, administrators can automatically deploy the backup module to remote servers and workstations. Unattended backups can be scheduled to occur automatically along with the automatic replication of backup data to an offsite storage location. Data can be recovered remotely and in the event of a system crash, a complete restore to a reboot can be done in minutes. This greatly increases staff productivity while reducing costs.

Said Ted Swanson, president of IT Solutions Consulting, Inc., a managed service provider in Pennsylvania, “The addition of Backup and Disaster Recovery has allowed us to build an entirely new set of managed service offerings and it only because of Kaseya that we are able to do this. Normally we would troubleshoot issues and spend hours rebuilding client servers and workstations. Now we can fix client issues rapidly by re-imaging or immediately accessing backup data and restoring it. For us, this is a very big deal.”

About Kaseya

Kaseya provides a technically advanced IT framework for the automation of IT tasks. The framework forms the basis of the Managed Services and Enterprise Edition product lines designed for IT managed service providers and corporate IT professionals who want to reduce the complexity of delivering timely IT services through automation, increase the productivity and utilization of the IT staff, and augment and expand services offerings to increase profits while significantly improving customer satisfaction and maximizing ROI. For additional information, please visit http://www.kaseya.com or contact James Alves at jalves@kaseya.com .

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