Fiorano SOA 2006 Platform Released

New platform adds advanced features and tools enabling enterprises to achieve the quickest path to a service-oriented architecture

LOS GATOS, CA, November 02, 2005 -- Fiorano Software, Inc., a leading provider of business process integration and enterprise messaging solutions, today announced the general availability (GA) of its next generation SOA platform -- Fiorano SOA 2006(TM). Built on Fiorano’s leading Enterprise Service Bus, Fiorano ESB(TM), the SOA 2006 platform incorporates several advanced features including peer-to-peer messaging, distributed BPEL-compliant business process management, and visual tools, together with a powerful model for coarse-grained business services.

Fiorano SOA 2006 is the industry’s first platform that supports both services and events on a single technology base with a shared component model and common tools for design, development, deployment, security and administration. Advanced features include:

  • Composite Components: Business components can now be aggregated into larger reusable components (controlled using industry-standard BPEL), which run in a single operating system process. This results in significant performance advantages when multiple lightweight business components need to be executed on a single peer as part of a distributed event process.

  • New Standards Embraced (BPEL/JCA/WS/J2EE/JMX): Support for BPEL-based process composition, JCA, and Web-service-based process configuration and component invocation and JMX based management.

  • Peer-to-Peer JMS Enhancements: Improved throughput of JMS messages within and across peer networks. This enables seamless ports of existing JMS applications to reusable ESB components.

  • Enhanced Simple/Distributed Transaction Handling: Support for simple and distributed transactions across multiple components within a single Composite Component.

  • Business Component Development Kit (BCDK): A combination of Java libraries (implementing standard JMS, JCA, and JMX interfaces) and an ant-based compilation framework for implementation and deployment of new Business Components.BCDK can also be integrated with Eclipse IDE.

  • Shared Resource Pools: Support for resource sharing across multiple instances of components running within a composite component. This enables sharing of expensive/heavy-weight resources (like DB connection) across multiple coordinating components. Fiorano SOA 2006 Platform product release notes can be downloaded from

The "Fiorano SOA 2006 Platform" software pack includes:

  • Fiorano ESB Server 2006: A Web-services capable middleware platform that supports intelligently-directed communication and mediated relationships between loosely coupled (SOA) and decoupled (EDA) business components.

  • FioranoMQ Server 2006: World’s first grid-enabled, peer-to-peer JMS messaging platform with powerful and unique features and performance.

  • Fiorano BPEL Server 2006: World’s first implementation of truly distributed BPEL processing orchestration engine.

  • Fiorano Business Components and Adapters 2006: Ready-to-use JCA-compliant components that include connectors for all popular databases, messaging systems and middleware.

  • Fiorano Process Orchestration Tools 2006: A set of integrated tools that enable users to orchestrate standards-based business components to deploy scalable, easy-to-modify distributed business processes with minimal IT intervention.

  • Fiorano BPEL Editor 2006 - A standalone tool that enables developers to compose, test and deploy standards-based BPEL processes using JCA-compliant business components.


Fiorano SOA 2006 is available immediately. Request a free evaluation download at:

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