Touchpaper Introduces Management Information Solution for IT Business Management

Touchpaper ManagementInformation enables IT and business managers to measure KPIs and facilitate proactive issue resolution, utilizing a strategic business tool for IT and customer-service infrastructure planning.

New York, NY -- November 2, 2005 -- Touchpaper today announced Touchpaper ManagementInformation (MI), a new software solution that underlies the company’s IT business management (ITBM) strategy and it’s vision for an ITBM-enabled organization, where the IT department measures itself against the strategic and operational goals of the business.

Touchpaper MI is a graphical business application that enables IT and business managers to measure performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) defined to meet their organization’s overall business objectives. Daily information and a historic view of trend data is captured and stored within the MI application to facilitate the proactive resolution of potential issues before they become business critical.

Touchpaper MI is also a strategic business tool providing senior management with comparison and trend reports that highlight where results are being achieved and where problems exist. Data from these reports help demonstrate where expenditure should be reduced or where further investment should be made in IT and customer services infrastructure.

Clearly identified KPIs are critical to a successful ITBM organization and can include examples such as:

  • Achievement against customer service goals

  • Service availability index

  • Rolling customer user satisfaction scores

  • Percentage of move, add, and change requests met within a service level agreement

  • Monitoring and auditing processes

  • Re-use and sharing of services, infrastructure, architecture

  • Use of centralized processes for investment decisions

  • Visibility of IT expenditure and budgetary control

  • Revenue growth against IT investment and utilization

  • Percentage of projects on time and on budget

In addition to a range of predefined KPIs supplied with the application, Touchpaper MI allows organizations to define additional KPIs to represent their own performance criteria, both on Touchpaper software (for IT or customer service desks) and for other IT systems. Using the Touchpaper MI weighting functionality, where each service is assigned a weight according to its level of importance or ‘value’ to the business, the information can then be presented to users in accordance with their roles and responsibilities, ensuring that the relevant information is presented to the right people at the right time.

Daily information from Touchpaper MI allows users to quickly identify recurring issues, whether with applications, users, customers, or service desk staff, and easily ascertain what measures might be put in place to improve or rectify a situation, either within the IT function or in other parts of the organization’s business. By viewing current and historical data, Touchpaper MI users can identify any underlying issues and proactively resolve them before they become business critical.

For example, if the U.S. office of a company is highly dependent upon e-mail as a means of communicating to remote offices, the U.S. e-mail service can have a higher weighting than a mail server in another location where the staff are based in a single office. If the organization is expecting sudden, heavy use of the Internet (for example, due to a tax submission deadline or a Christmas order rush), then the Internet service can be given a higher weighting for that period.

Touchpaper MI is also a useful aid to tracking and managing compliance against certain legislative and regulatory requirements that have increased over the past few years in both the private and public sector, including Sarbanes-Oxley, Graham-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA.

Touchpaper MI is available today through Touchpaper’s direct sales channels and via its international network of Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners. For more information, please contact

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