8e6 Technologies R3000 Increases Security Capabilities and User Flexibility

Orange, CA (November 16, 2005) -- 8e6 Technologies, a leading provider of Internet security appliances for threat monitoring, reporting, and remediation, announces new features for its flagship R3000 Internet filtering appliance, providing a number of important enhancements that help customers manage Internet threats within their organization. Highlights from the latest R3000 Feature Releases are:

Google Web Accelerator Blocking: The Google Web Accelerator application uses Google's network to make Web pages load faster. Once an end user downloads and installs it on their computer, many Web pages will automatically load faster than before. The unintended, and possibly negative, side effect of this new Google feature is that it can often allow end users to bypass their organization's Internet filter. 8e6 Technologies has always provided its customers with packet-level proxy pattern detection technology to control many types of Internet technologies -- often referred to as “proxies” or “anonymizers” -- that can potentially allow end users to bypass filtering. With this latest R3000 release, 8e6 Technologies customers can now block the use of Google Web Accelerator and further ensure end users are not visiting inappropriate Web sites including pornographic, spyware-laden, or other malicious or unapproved sites.

Yahoo! SafeSearch Enforcement: Both Google and Yahoo! give end users the ability to conduct Web searches with various levels of built-in filtering, including SafeSearch mode, which provides an additional layer of filtering and further reduces access to explicit material. Unfortunately, SafeSearch mode can easily be deactivated by end users via their browser settings. However, with the 8e6 R3000 filter, even if the end user changes the search settings, the R3000 will force all Google and Yahoo! searches to be done in SafeSearch mode, which is especially effective for image searches.

Wildcard Filtering: 8e6 Technologies has implemented wildcard-filtering capabilities that add additional URL and sub-domain filtering control. Customers can now use wildcards (such as *.website.com) when creating custom categories of blocked sites. 8e6 Technologies is also utilizing wildcards to ensure the 8e6 database, with its millions of categorized Web sites, is the most comprehensive and useful in the industry.

X-Strikes Enhancements The popular X-Strikes feature has been enhanced to allow organizations to further enforce their Internet Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and remind end users that repeated attempts to access inappropriate material is unacceptable. X-Strikes can be set with administrator defined tiers, can watch all users for violation of the tiers, and can shut off an end user's Internet access for a pre-determined amount of time or until the administrator turns the user's access back on. X-Strikes can easily be applied to all blocked categories, or only selected categories, such as pornography or peer-to-peer/file sharing.

Override Account Improvements: Even with flexible and robust Internet filtering, many organizations find it necessary to allow some end users to have access to a blocked Web site. 8e6 Technologies' new multi-tiered override account capability enables companies to manage override accounts at both a global and group level for increased flexibility and control. Additionally, administrators can assign profiles to override accounts to limit abuse.

The 8e6 R3000 Internet Filter provides a scalable, high-speed filtering solution. Optimized as a stand-alone appliance, it easily integrates into any network without bottlenecks or downtime. Features include Real-Time Probes, which allow an administrator to monitor a user's Internet usage in real time, and X-Strikes Blocking, where administrators can set criteria for restricting a user's Internet access after repeated attempts to access "unacceptable" Internet sites.

8e6 customers can leverage all new R3000 features, including those above, by downloading the 1.7 and 1.7.10 releases.

About 8e6 Technologies

8e6 Technologies provides high-value security appliances to manage Internet-related threats through filtering reporting and remediation. 8e6 solutions guard against threats from undesirable Web sites, Instant Messaging, peer-to-peer file sharing, viruses, and spyware. For more information, please call 888.786.7999 or visit http://www.8e6.com.

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