Software AG’s Tamino Provides Enterprise-Level Management of Unstructured Data

Tamino 4.4 is first XML server to implement WebDAV support directly in the kernel

RESTON, Va, November 23, 2005 -- Software AG, Inc., today announced the worldwide availability of Tamino XML Server 4.4, the first XML Server to implement WebDAV support directly in the kernel. Through WebDAV support and automatic document versioning, Tamino 4.4 provides data management facilities to unstructured data currently residing in local file systems. These facilities include extended search functions for content and metadata, authorization and security, and data integrity. In addition, Tamino 4.4 provides the high availability (hot standby), replication mechanisms, enhanced scalability, and security required in mission-critical IT environments.

“Tamino XML Server 4.4 enables enterprises to efficiently manage structured and unstructured data at all organizational levels,” explains Peter Kuerpick, member of the board, XML business integration, Software AG. “From a single desktop, at department level to enterprise-wide deployment, Tamino provides data management capabilities that give users unparalleled drag and drop access and data search possibilities.”

For the user, the tight WebDAV integration means that Tamino appears as a normal directory or directory tree, and acts as a transparent and flexible Internet file system that also provides versioning capabilities. Users can store, share, search, and retrieve XML documents with "drag and drop" as well as using XQuery.

Furthermore, binary data, such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, PDF, ZIP, or other Office files can be stored and indexed for XQuery-based searches. In addition to the access via HTTP and a wide range of available APIs, external systems and applications can access Tamino via the integrated WebDAV interface, an extended HTTP standard Internet protocol.

Tamino XML Server also now incorporates SOAP and UDDI, key Web services standards required by enterprises in implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Major new features include:

  • Support for high availability cluster processing (hot standby)

  • Integrated Internet file system based on WebDAV, including versioning and access via the XQuery query language

  • Automatic versioning of native XML files and documents

  • UDDI 3.0 for the efficient management of Web services

  • SOAP 1.2 API to support fast implementation of service-oriented architectures

  • Extended and accelerated XML Schema 1.0 and XQuery support

  • Distributed transactions handling across all supported operating systems (two-phase commit)

Tamino 4.4 is available for the Microsoft Windows Server and XP, Sun Solaris, HP-UX (64-bit), and Linux for Intel platforms. Additional platforms including AIX, HP-UX (Itanium), and z/Linux are scheduled to follow in December.

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