Updated Diskeeper 10.0 Adds Breakthrough Performance Technology

Burbank, CA, December 6, 2005 -- Diskeeper Corporation announced today the release of Diskeeper 10.0 with defragmentation and storage performance technology that is light years ahead. The market leading automatic disk defragmenter continues to provide the most advanced technology to increase performance for Windows based networks.

Included in Diskeeper 10.0 is Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAASTTM). This disk performance calibration technology is a new class of disk technology that will allow users to squeeze more performance out of storage devices and is expected to deliver performance gains of 10 to 80 percent beyond defragmentation.

New functionality includes:

  • Core enhancements to the new comprehensive defragmentation engine offer faster performance, less resources usage and more thorough file and free space defragmentation

  • Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST™) learns the performance characteristics of each drive and sequences the most commonly-used files for the fastest possible access

  • Enhancements to I/O Smart™, which intelligently monitors drive access during defragmentation, allows transparent background defragmentation so you never experience a performance hit, even during system peak production times

  • Terabyte Volume Engine™ defrags large volumes, SANs, RAIDs, and NAS, quickly and more thoroughly

  • Enhanced user interface provides easy configuration and scheduling as well as reports on disk health, real time performance and fragmentation statistics

  • Native 64 bit operating systems support

Diskeeper 10.0 is now available for sale and can be purchased through your favorite reseller. More information on Diskeeper 10.0 is available at http://www.diskeeper.com.

About Diskeeper Corporation

Diskeeper Corporation (formerly Executive Software®) is a leader in defragmentation technology. A variety of system management tools, trialware and free utilities are available at http://www.diskeeper.com.

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