LogiXML Introduces New Web-based LGX Reporting Center for Managing Valuable Corporate Reports

Efficient administration tools for cataloging, storing, and distributing Web-based reports, leveraging business value by managing the entire report life cycle

December 20, 2005 McLean, VA -- LogiXML today announces general availability of the new LGX Reporting Center management system. The LGX Reporting Center adds powerful report management features to any or all of the LogiXML managed reporting products including LGX Report (available free via download), LGX Report Plus, and LGX Info. The LGX Reporting Center allows customized reports created with these products to be made available to end-users through secure Web-based folders, scheduled e-mail delivery, and in stored report archives.

The LGX Reporting Center effectively introduces a "closed loop" process for tracking the report life cycle. Developers and managers using the LogiXML managed reporting products are constantly creating reports, but many companies recognize this as just the beginning of the life of a report. In order to maximize their value, many reports need to be published, categorized and sometimes shared, scheduled, archived and discarded. The LGX Reporting Center offers companies the ability to manage their reports throughout their entire life cycle.

Powerful Report Administration Capabilities

The LGX Reporting Center’s built-in security system manages users, user groups and roles and offers a range of management features including a sign-on page performs user authentication. Access to reports is controlled through report folders and roles, so users may only view allowed reports.

Additional administrative tools include:

  • Security that can be integrated with organizations’ existing security and single-sign-on systems, such as Active Directory and even customized database solutions

  • Folder structure to make it easy for users to run their reports including private folders for individual users and public folders for multiple users; access to public folders is controlled with security features

  • Scheduling tools that make it easy to run reports automatically based on a defined schedule; scheduled reports are delivered via e-mail, and/or saved in the report archives and may be in HTML, PDF, or Excel format. To get e-mail delivery, users subscribe to any number of scheduled reports.

  • Archiving functions to save copies of reports for future review; users may list and view old reports to get views of their data from different times. Reports are added to the archive either by the scheduler or by a “clickable” link that report developers can add.

An Open Alternative

LGX Report Center is based on an open, portable XML. It is a component of LogiXML’s complete Business Intelligence Report Development Platform. In addition to the LGX Reporting Center, LogiXML offers a complete line of Web-based managed reporting and ad hoc products including the LGX Report product (available for free download) and premium offerings LGX Report Plus and LGX Info, as well as the LGX Ad Hoc reporting product.

About LogiXML, Inc.

LogiXML is a leading provider of pure Web-based business intelligence reporting and analysis products, offering a range of solutions that help organizations maximize the value of their data. LogiXML offers products in the three most popular reporting market segments -- managed reporting, ad hoc reporting and OLAP reporting. For more information, visit http://www.logixml.com.

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