Ingrian DataSecure Release 4.2 Boosts Security Controls for Sensitive Data

Newest release of DataSecure platforms addresses encryption guidelines for PCI compliance with advanced authentication and authorization tools

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- January 30, 2006 -- Ingrian® Networks, Inc., a leading provider of data-privacy solutions, today announced a new release of its DataSecure® Platforms that increases the security of sensitive data and significantly broadens support for enterprise applications.

The newest product version, release 4.2, delivers a range of new features designed to offer more granular control of security and to provide more flexibility in implementation. Several of these new features help organizations strengthen compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, including rules that require multiple credentials for authentication and IP-based authorization.

The need to protect consumer information by strengthening the security of sensitive data has never been greater. A recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, LLC showed that 86 percent of security breaches involved the loss or theft of customer or consumer information while 14 percent involved employee, student, medical, and taxpayer data.

According to Gartner, “Protecting customer data is much less expensive than dealing with a security breach in which records are exposed and potentially misused. The Payment Card Industry compliance requirements provide enterprises with good justification to increase data protection. Most data thefts would have failed if the stored information was encrypted and the encryption keys were sufficiently protected. Network-based encryption appliances can minimize the impact of encryption on existing applications.” (see note below)

New features in 4.2 include:

  • Enhanced Key Management: Multiple credentials can now be required for key management and policy changes, enabling organizations to effectively segregate administrative duties, a key element to enhancing security and achieving PCI compliance.

  • Superior Authorization: IP-based authorization strengthens existing multi-factor authentication by offering enterprises to go beyond user name and password and control access based on physical machine attributes

  • Broadened Application and Language Support: Support for Unicode and multi-byte character sets, enabling more applications and geographies to harness Ingrian’s encryption capabilities

  • Improved Load Balancing: Intelligent geographical load balancing across a distributed cluster of appliances for minimal latency improves application performance.

Ingrian’s DataSecure Platforms aid in compliance with several of PCI’s rules, including Requirement 3 to Protect Stored Data and Requirement 7 to Restrict Access to Data by Business Need-to-Know. The latter may be one of the more difficult requirements to adhere to, and one area that is a focus of the new 4.2 release. DataSecure Platforms allow users to split administrative access so that it requires multiple administrators to perform highly sensitive tasks, such as key rotation. This new level of granular administrative access control -- combined with DataSecure’s existing hardware and software-based security mechanisms -- provides the strongest authentication for key management and policy changes available on the market today.

“As legislative and industry mandates become more rigorous and plentiful, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to comply with them,” said Karim Toubba, vice president of product management and corporate strategy at Ingrian Networks. “These newest features are part of our plan to streamline the deployment and management of our solutions, and help customers significantly strengthen their security and minimize their risk from the variety of malicious threats that can compromise a company’s sensitive data.”

DataSecure Platforms with release 4.2 are available now; pricing starts at $32,500. For more information, contact or visit

About DataSecure Platforms

Ingrian DataSecure Platforms provide an intelligent, cost-effective way to protect critical data from both internal and external threats. Featuring dedicated hardware appliances and patent-pending cryptography software, Ingrian’s solutions deliver capabilities for granular encryption, seamless integration, and centralized security management. With its solutions, Ingrian supports:

  • Retailers, financial institutions, and payment processors in adhering to card issuer security policies like the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard %%Organizations around the world seeking to comply with privacy legislation, such as California’s SB 1386, Europe’s Data Protection Directive, and many others %%Financial institutions seeking to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

  • Government agencies striving to adhere to the Federal Information Security Management Act.

About Ingrian Networks

Ingrian Networks brings complete data privacy to the enterprise. With Ingrian DataSecure Platforms, organizations can protect critical data from both internal and external threats, and ensure compliance with legislative and policy mandates for security. DataSecure features a dedicated security appliance and specialized software that enables organizations to encrypt critical data in applications and databases. With its capabilities for granular encryption, seamless integration, and centralized security management, DataSecure enables organizations to guard against a range of security threats. For more information, visit

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Note: Gartner Research “Data Protection is Less Costly than Data Breaches” by J. Pescatore and A. Litan. September 16, 2005.

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