Network Instruments Expands GigaStor Data Analysis Appliance Line

GigaStor 2T delivers new deployment options, line-rate capture and write-to-disk, and stream reconstruction

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- February 13, 2006 -- Network Instruments, a leading innovator of network analysis solutions, today released the GigaStor™ 2T, a cost-competitive, high-capacity gigabit analysis and stream reconstructive appliance. This 2-terabyte appliance is the newest addition to Network Instruments’ GigaStor product line and part of a new paradigm of network analysis, which resolves problems more effectively by eliminating entire steps within the troubleshooting process.

“The GigaStor 2T joins in ranks with the GigaStor 4T and 8T to provide a new realm of troubleshooting, which allows administrators to mine through historical network data to troubleshoot issues,” said Douglas Smith, president and co-founder of Network Instruments. “The navigation utility and extensive data-capture capacity within these appliances eliminate the need to recreate a problem or attempt to capture it again -- ultimately speeding up the troubleshooting process.”

This time-based navigation utility within the GigaStor product line allows network professionals to navigate through hours, days, even weeks worth of network data down to the nanosecond. Therefore, if an employee complains of a problem that happened around 7 p.m. last night, it is quite simple to isolate a time interval (6:50 p.m. to 7:10 p.m. for instance) to capture and analyze that problem.

Network Instruments expanded its GigaStor product line with the GigaStor 2T to provide enterprise corporations with a cost-competitive, high-capacity analysis device to monitor connections throughout the network.

As with all GigaStor appliances, the GigaStor 2T can support up to eight ports at gigabit wire speed for any combination of SPAN sessions, full-duplex connections, and trunked links. It also processes data directly on the appliance. This eliminates having to transfer large amounts of data across the network for analysis. Additionally, the GigaStor 2T can concurrently serve as a gigabit probe, tracking real-time statistics and solving issues with a comprehensive Expert system.

Pricing for the GigaStor 2T starts at $19,995 for a two-port configuration. This price point comes at a fraction of the cost of competitive offerings.

“The entire GigaStor line offers wire-speed write technology, a simple time-based navigation utility, and a comprehensive Expert system, all of which cannot be matched in the industry,” Smith said. “Although we are offering the most advanced high-capacity analysis technology, it also comes at the best price point. The GigaStor 2T costs literally thousands of dollars less then competing, less impressive technology offerings in the market.”

To learn more about the GigaStor 2T or the GigaStor product line, go to or call (800) 526-7919.

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