Harte-Hanks Announces the Release of TS Discovery Version 5 for Data Profiling

Latest release allows IT and business users to collaborate on enterprise data quality initiatives; enhancements tackle data integration challenges

BILLERICA, MA -- February 14, 2006 -- Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks and a provider of Total Data Quality (TDQ) solutions, today announced the general availability of TS Discovery Version 5. This version tightly integrates Harte-Hanks Trillium Software's data-discovery capabilities with its market-leading data-cleansing capabilities in TS Quality, and is designed to deliver a new level of sophistication in data-profiling functionality.

Version 5 tightly integrates two Harte-Hanks Trillium Software offerings -- TS Discovery (for data profiling) and TS Quality (for data quality) -- by incorporating data cleansing into the TS Discovery data browser. Business and IT users alike can use the special-purpose data browser to identify data anomalies and cleanse data directly, ahead of data use elsewhere in the enterprise. The data browser lets users correct and format the data, either with the help of a built-in TS Quality interface or by recoding values in new columns to export later into business applications. TS Discovery's collaborative environment also supports multiple users working together on strategic initiatives such as data governance.

Monitor Compliance to Standards Over Time

Users also have the ability to set up and monitor data standards over time. TS Discovery Version 5 includes an e-mail notification feature to inform key personnel when data values do not meet predefined requirements, such as threshold values or when information is missing from critical data fields. Users also can receive alerts on critical changes and errors and use the TS Discovery data browser to drill down on those errors. These monitoring capabilities also can be programmed as part of a job flow with TS Discovery Version 5's command-line capability.

"TS Discovery users also have new versatility in how deep into their organization's data or how focused a profiling effort they wish to choose," said Len Dubois, vice president of marketing for Trillium Software at Harte-Hanks. "In Version 5, TS Discovery introduces the ability to investigate dynamic entities, or source data, that are outside the TS Discovery server process. By doing so, users can either take advantage of the deep data relationship analysis and performance benefits available with the data browser/server process, or perform standard profiling on source systems for monitoring and compliance applications. Users may choose to profile all rows and tables automatically, or use TS Discovery 5.0's powerful filtering and conditional searching of data and metadata to focus the analysis and save time."

According to Dubois, TS Discovery Version 5 gives users the ability to uncover data issues automatically, consistently, and with context to deliver deeper, more complete results. Its unique architecture allows users to ask questions about the data and to uncover data problems that they might not have known. "Compared to a more simple data profiling process, which allows users to ask specific questions about the data, TS Discovery 5.0's data investigation process intelligently and automatically identifies common issues with content, context, patterns, and relationships across and between entities, so users don't have to do this analysis on their own," he said.

TS Discovery Version 5 also delivers these benefits::

  • A more sensible snapshot of data through source system discovery and analysis: TS Discovery reads data from source systems and automatically collects information about entities, including count of attributes, count of rows and their lengths, schema details, and a documentary description.

  • The ability to spot difficult-to-find data anomalies through a powerful drill-down: TS Discovery offers an intuitive user interface that makes users highly productive in finding "needle-in-a-haystack" data problems. TS Discovery does not require exhaustive SQL queries. The drill-down functionality enables users to display a set of rows, an individual row and even individual attribute values within a row.

  • Greater convenience through sophisticated scheduling and monitoring automation : TS Discovery includes a built-in scheduler that allows users to schedule activities such as data loads, key and dependency analysis to run immediately or at a later date and time. Online monitoring helps users track progress of activities on individual schedules.

  • Greater ease through automated report generation and distribution: TS Discovery makes sharing reports and information easy. The software generates customized reports from any of its displays and in a variety of formats; among them HTML reports or any popular Windows desktop product.

A detailed introduction to TS Discovery 5 and other new features is available at http://www.trilliumsoftware.com.

About Harte-Hanks

Harte Hanks Trillium Software provides a full complement of technologies and services providing global data profiling, data cleansing, enhancement, and data linking for e-business, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, data warehouse, and other enterprise applications. For more information about Trillium Software and its offerings, call (978) 436-8900, or visit Trillium Software online at http://www.trilliumsoftware.com.

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