ATM for Citrix Delivers Comprehensive Turnkey Reporting

ATM enhances “business intelligence” capabilities in Citrix environments, simplifying report generation and analysis for improved enterprise management.

Ellicott City, MD -- February 21, 2006 -- eXpert Technology Solutions, Inc, providers of business intelligence software for enterprise management, today announces the release of Access Tracking Manager (ATM)™ for Citrix Presentation Server™ and MetaFrame® , expanding and refining the reporting capabilities built into Citrix® Resource Manager.

ATM extends the reporting functionality embedded in Citrix products and allows unlimited data access through an agent-less, scalable reporting architecture. Unlike difficult to navigate third-party reporting engines (i.e., Crystal Reports), ATM simplifies report design and automates report generation, providing metrics on users, applications, and servers.

The ability to track where users spend time on the network allows for more efficient and cost-effective resource management. With ATM, users can use report outcomes to maximize the value of IT through improved asset management. ATM makes it easy to address usage trends (i.e., improve usage of underutilized resources) and adjust, eliminate, or improve system artifacts.

”Organizations are under increasing pressure to implement systems for efficient and accurate auditing and compliance. IT staff administering Citrix products are continually looking for value-added products that can improve on their ability to manage their environments,” says Eric Spiegel, CEO of XTS. “Citrix captures a wealth of data about the IT infrastructure, but it can be challenging to quickly and accurately report on that data. Additionally, third-party reporting engines (i.e., Crystal Reports) demand steep investments in time and money. ATM addresses each of these shortcomings and provides IT organizations with a push-button approach to report generation, which dramatically extends the usability of Citrix-based systems, simplifies an otherwise difficult IT task and, in turn, delivers real bottom-line benefits to the organization.”

How ATM Works

ATM’s report generator simplifies and speeds the creation of reports for technical or business audiences. A user selects a reporting node to start building report. Values are entered in a criteria window for the desired reporting results (i.e., criteria for a selected reporting node, such as all servers). The user can select multiple reporting node levels, such as adding a time dimension (an historical reporting window can provide reports on months or years of data). The user can include fields for analysis, such as “Average CPU” and “Sessions.” The report can be output in the sort order selected, with charts and graphs for visual analysis, as well as in a variety of formats. Reports can be created for any group of users, which is further simplified by integration with Active Directory. Matrix reporting provides a table grid for succinctly reporting data points.

ATM can automatically deliver reports to business users and management based on a recurring schedule. For example, a business unit manager can easily receive a report about his staff’s application access trends and to help monitor compliance regulations with regards to access. ATM makes it easy to create multiple e-mail profiles for simple, automated report distribution. Managers can now have e-mail sent to them without having to continuously ask IT for reports. In addition, it can improve their ability to communicate with staff. For example, based on reporting metrics, managers can easily identify employees working late or on weekends and consider their dedication in performance reviews, or perhaps inquire about their motives for accessing secure systems off hours.

“As a provider of business continuity services, we expect to see granular operational metrics, such as CPU, memory, and application usage, etc., to indicate customer service levels are being met at the highest practicable efficiencies in our data centers,” says Ray Leitz, CTO AcXess, Inc. “Citrix environments pose a particularly daunting challenge due to the sheer volume of data. By using automation tools, such as XTS Access Tracking Manager, for detailed data analysis, AcXess can demonstrate to its customers that service levels are being met, while also validating regulatory compliance and governance at a desirable cost ratio for our business. By providing more than just system health and monitoring reporting, AcXess can partner with its customers and their ISVs, providing them with a higher level of value-added service, even in times of extreme need and/or disaster.”

Features At a Glance

  • Turnkey install: Out of the box, GUI driven installation has users up and running in minutes

  • Simple to use: report generator simplifies and speeds the creation of reports for technical or business audiences

  • Scalable: reporting architecture provides a flexible and robust business intelligence platform enabling fast report generation

  • XML Ready: ability to export reports in XML enables seamless integration with external dashboards and data warehouses, reducing custom integration costs and time

  • Value-added features: allow report queries to be saved as templates and for straightforward scheduling for report distribution via e-mail

  • Distribution Options: reports can be delivered in PDF, Excel, HTML, XML or Crystal

The suggested retail price (SRP) is $10,000 for fewer than 250 Citrix Concurrent Users and $25,000 for an enterprise license. Maintenance and support is offered at 18% of SRP, providing toll-free access to support technicians and includes future product services packs and upgrades. ATM is available through Citrix resellers that are part of the XTS Partner Network.

About XTS

eXpert Technology Solutions (XTS) is a business intelligence and enterprise management software firm that provides turnkey reporting and analysis solutions for IT virtualization asset management. XTS is headquartered near Columbia, MD. For more information, visit

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