NEON Enterprise Software Eases Migration to IBM DB2 Version 8

EarlyPrecheck feature added to Bind ImpactExpert

SUGAR LAND, Texas -- February 21, 2006 -- NEON Enterprise Software, Inc. announces the EarlyPrecheck feature to Bind ImpactExpert, which allows users to check the performance impacts of a new DB2 release, or other significant software or hardware changes, before migrating the production system.

EarlyPrecheck provides an automated process that allows DB2 users to detect and correct access path problems for both static and dynamic SQL statements. This helps ensure application performance through early recognition of problematic queries and evaluates the impact the migration will have on CPU usage.

"While there are many advantages associated with migrating from DB2 version 7 to version 8, there are also a lot of unknowns, especially with regard to the number of rebinds required and impact on CPU usage," said Jack Olson, chief technology officer, NESI. "Bind ImpactExpert with EarlyPrecheck eliminates some of that guesswork and allows the user to see the potential effects on application performance before migrating the production system to the new release of DB2. They can then make changes that will avoid performance problems before they happen."

During a test-case scenario, a database administrator attempted to perform a manual analysis of 20,000 statements, but was only able to complete 100 statements in 25 days. Using EarlyPrecheck, the database administrator managed all 20,000 statements in three days, with each statement specifically categorized into the DB2 version 8 impact.

NESI's Bind ImpactExpert is the only product designed to intelligently and automatically manage the rebind process, ensuring consistent or improved performance during DB2 version 8 migrations. Bind ImpactExpert prechecks the thousands of plans stored in DB2 to determine which ones will cause application performance problems after rebinding.

NESI offers a return on investment (ROI) worksheet to calculate the time required to manually analyze the packages and statements without Bind ImpactExpert. The ROI worksheet can be found by visiting the Bind ImpactExpert Product Overview at

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