SANRAD Enables Enterprise IP SANs with Introduction of iSCSI V-Switch 3800

SAN FRANCISCO -- February 21, 2006 -- SANRAD Incorporated, a leader in developing and delivering intelligent IP SAN solutions, today introduced the V-Switch 3800, the latest entry in its award-winning product line, which delivers the maximum speed, scalability, and storage capacity required by today’s enterprises while retaining the cost benefits inherent to IP SANs.

“The iSCSI V-Switch 3800 is our new flag ship V-Switch,” explains Uli Gal-Oz, SANRAD CEO. “With the new 3800, large companies can build highly scalable IP SANs by consolidating many multi-vendor, multi-protocol storage systems into a centrally-managed pool ranging from one to 8000 terabytes, all connected systems can be easily managed by the V-Switch 3800. Similar to our existing V-Switch 2000 and V-Switch 3000, all our products supply continuous data access while simplifying administration and reducing storage costs and complexity.”

“The combination of the built-in intelligence and embedded StoragePro™ storage management software makes the V-Switch a total IP SAN solution with embedded storage virtualization, active/active system redundancy, snapshot, remote and local data replication, security, data migration, and complete volume management.” said Zophar Santé, vice president of market development at SANRAD. “A simple Web-based GUI allows centralized management of storage volumes across multiple V-Switches, streamlining storage administration across the entire enterprise IP SAN.”

“ESG believes that storage virtualization will become requisite and that integrated storage controllers and disk enclosures will eventually become archaic,” said Tony Asaro, senior analyst of the Enterprise Strategy Group. "SANRAD provides an intelligent storage virtualization switch that provides advanced data protection and management features over iSCSI. SANRAD is uniquely positioned as the only storage vendor focused on iSCSI-based storage virtualization. ESG feels this combination is a winner for the enterprise.”

The V-Switch is an OPEN solution and supports a broad range of operating systems, storage systems and protocols including Windows, Linux, SUSE, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Netware deployed across any ISCSI LAN, MAN, or WAN. The V-Switch 3800 supports connectivity of Fibre Channel storage with eight auto-sensing FC storage ports, and iSCSI storage via three Gbit iSCSI Ethernet ports.

The iSCSI V-Switch 3800 is built for enterprise-class data availability with support for 2-, 3-, and 4-way local synchronous data mirroring to individual storage systems. The redundant mirroring, combined with V-Switch clusters, ensures continuous data access to critical information in the case of a catastrophic storage failure and eliminates any single component as a failure point that can cripple data accessibility. V-Switch clusters can be deployed in active-active configurations with automatic failover, failback, and multi-pathing for continuous data access.

The high-availability functionality is complemented with assured business continuity through multiple layers of local and remote data replication and protection. Application data can be quickly and easily recovered with remote replication and data migration across multiple storage systems. Built-in SNAPshot and ROLLback capabilities ensure optimal RTO and RPO.

The V-Switch 3800 will be available at the end of Q1, 2006 through SANRAD’s global network of channel and technology partners.


SANRAD is the leading IP SAN provider, delivering intelligence at the network layer, empowering organizations to effectively access, share, and manage storage across standard Ethernet environments. For more information, visit

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