Opalis Delivers Integration Pack for HP OpenView ServiceCenter

New integration expands Opalis' support for leading service management applications

Toronto, Canada -- March 13, 2006 -- Opalis Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure software, today announced Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView ServiceCenter (formerly Peregrine ServiceCenter). This latest release extends Opalis' support of the leading service management applications and better enables IT organizations to reach Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) objectives through data center automation.

"The data center is comprised of best-of-breed point solutions and geographically dispersed environments. Without the ability to integrate these components and automate manual processes around these applications, IT organizations will not be able to implement ITIL best practices," said Scott Broder, CEO for Opalis. "Opalis Integration Server is a self-documenting environment that enables users to capture and execute routine processes. Now, with our support for HP OpenView ServiceCenter, along with our integration for other leading service management applications, our customers can automate IT tasks into best practices in a way that's simple, fast, and effective."

Opalis Integration Server allows enterprises to automate IT operations and integrate the management tools and infrastructure components found in today's data center. This helps to maximize investments in existing solutions by automating time-consuming, repetitive, and routine manual processes and frees IT staff to focus on projects that add value to the business. The Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView ServiceCenter provides enhanced capabilities for automated opening, modification, and closing of incidents for greater productivity across the IT department.

HP OpenView ServiceCenter, a fully integrated IT service management application suite, allows IT staff to improve service levels, balance resources, and control costs. The suite supports best practices defined by ITIL, the industry standard for IT service management. ITIL describes processes for managing requests, incidents, problems, changes, and service level agreements.

In addition to the HP OpenView ServiceCenter pack, Opalis also offers service management integration with HP OpenView Service Desk.

The Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView ServiceCenter features:

  • Maintenance procedure automation: Using the Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView ServiceCenter, administrators can create policies that automatically open and escalate incidents when maintenance procedures fail

  • Incident management automation: Incident triage often involves ad hoc phone calls, manual analysis, and data re-entry; with the pack, IT organizations can automate manual diagnostics routines, corrective actions, and case updates during each step of the process

  • Coordination and consolidation of events between service management tools: Using the Opalis Integration Pack for HP OpenView ServiceCenter, along with Integration Packs for other service management products, Opalis can automatically consolidate and coordinate incidents between system management products


The HP OpenView ServiceCenter pack is available today. For further information, please contact Opalis Software at http://www.opalis.com.

About Opalis Software, Inc.

Opalis Software, Inc., is a leading provider of integration software that enables enterprises to achieve the automated data center. With Opalis, companies can connect disparate environments and automate routine processes in a way that's simple, fast, and effective.

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