MetaMatrix Announces New Distributed Query Component for Java Developers

Java distributed query component streamlines application development by accessing and federating relational data

WALTHAM, Mass., March 14 -- MetaMatrix, a leader in data service management systems, today announced a new product, MetaMatrix Query, built for Java application developers. MetaMatrix Query is an embeddable Java distributed query component that streamlines development and maintenance of Java applications that use data from two or more relational databases.

When embedded in an application, the MetaMatrix Query data service operates as a single JDBC driver that facilitates access to data from multiple, distributed relational databases, federating data from these sources and optimizing distributed queries. By using MetaMatrix Query, Java developers can reduce development and maintenance time and improve the performance of their applications.

Streamlines Data Access and Federation, Optimizes Queries

MetaMatrix Query provides a productive way for Java developers to access data from diverse relational sources and to federate that data for integration. Compared with traditional methods of custom coding data access and integration logic within the application, MetaMatrix Query simplifies development and maintenance by configuring data access and integration in a single, isolated component.

With MetaMatrix Query, rather than having to write custom code to 1) connect to several individual databases, 2) extract the data, and 3) integrate the data within the application, Java developers can embed in their applications a single data service component that handles interactions with all relevant relational databases, including responding to a SQL query that spans multiple sources. Developers import metadata for relevant tables from the various databases, assembling a single data service. This MetaMatrix Query data service is a single JDBC driver through which applications can submit SQL, either retrieving data from individual tables or performing join or union operations to integrate the data.

MetaMatrix Query incorporates a rule-based and cost-based query optimization engine to optimize the performance of data retrievals. Leveraging proven, award-winning optimization technology from MetaMatrix' flagship products, MetaMatrix Query transforms a single SQL query into multiple queries distributed among the various relational data sources, making rule-based and cost-based decisions about where and how to perform processing.

With MetaMatrix Query, developers have less code to write and maintain, can set up data access and federation much more easily, and can be assured of consistent, enterprise-class performance for their applications.

MetaMatrix Query is deployed as a Java component in the developer's preferred execution environment. In addition to stand-alone Java applications, a variety of application server environments are supported including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and JBoss. Data sources supported include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, and MySQL.

Today MetaMatrix also officially opens its new online developer center, MetaMatrix DevCentral, which provides diverse resources for developers and offers 30-day trial downloads of MetaMatrix Query.

MetaMatrix Query and the recently-announced MetaMatrix Dimension make it easier for organizations with specific, immediate project requirements to get started using MetaMatrix software whether their applications employ SQL or Web service interfaces. "MetaMatrix is moving aggressively to make its leading technology accessible to the widest possible range of customers and partners," said Joe Chappell, president, MetaMatrix, "Data services are receiving more attention as adoption of service-oriented architecture grows. We want our prospective users to know that MetaMatrix data service products can play diverse roles and can make an important difference to the success of their projects and their SOA."

Availability and Pricing

MetaMatrix Query is available immediately on a free 30-day trial license, and can be downloaded from MetaMatrix' developer Web site, MetaMatrix DevCentral ( The product is currently available and special introduction prices start at $995.

About MetaMatrix

MetaMatrix is a leading provider of information management software solutions that help large organizations make better use of their information. MetaMatrix' award-winning data services management systems reduce application time and costs associated with addressing differences in data location, structure, semantics, vocabulary, and context among disparate data sources and the applications that need the data. For additional information call (800) 734-1630 or visit

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