Envision Extends Business Intelligence Capabilities with Envision SpeechMiner

SpeechMiner identifies, categorizes, analyzes, and reports customer intelligence stored within each recorded interaction

Seattle -- March 15 , 2006 -- Envision Telephony, Inc., a leading global provider of software solutions for the contact center and the enterprise, today announced the availability of Envision™ SpeechMiner®, a market-leading solution powered by Utopy which identifies, categorizes, analyzes, and reports customer intelligence stored within each recorded interaction. Envision SpeechMiner works in combination with Envision Business Intelligence™ allowing you to understand, analyze, predict, and change how your organization affects the customer experience.

According to Rodney Kuhn, Envision CEO, “Using Envision SpeechMiner powered with Utopy's technology, Envision customers can further utilize the voice of the customer to identify important trends, opportunities and threats to their business.”

Companies today face the continual challenge of delivering the level of service their customers demand while balancing critical business needs to increase revenue, reduce costs, and manage risk. Understanding why customers are calling can help companies meet this challenge. With Envision SpeechMiner, decision-makers can simply retrieve intelligence summarized in an easy-to-navigate, Web-based dashboard report and listen to the voice of the customer to understand the root cause of their dissatisfaction.

Envision SpeechMiner is a flexible and powerful solution that allows decision-makers to easily identify, categorize, and analyze information according to their unique business needs. Envision SpeechMiner moves beyond simple word spotting to capture meaningful intelligence from the context and emotion of the conversation. Once companies understand why people are calling, they can begin to catalog and evaluate this information for competitive intelligence, marketing campaign effectiveness, and operational inefficiencies.

“For most companies, better intelligence about why their customers are calling is essential to improve their performance and service delivery,” said Gartner research analyst Jim Davies. “Speech analytics holds the promise of helping companies understand how they are servicing customers’ in their customers’ own words.”

Key Envision SpeechMiner features include:

  • Powerful Analysis: Captures intent and perception stored in phrases, not just word spotting

  • Emotion Detection: Identifies speaker emotions based on the tone and manner of speech

  • Multi-language Capabilities: Supports 30 languages.

  • Customized Reports: Incorporates Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Reporting Services, allowing users to quickly and easily add reports and deliver alerts

More information about Envision’s SpeechMiner solution is available at http://www.envisioninc.com

About Envision Performance Suite

Envision SpeechMiner is part of Envision’s integrated enterprise performance suite, the industry’s first single-vendor solution for improving performance from the agent’s desktop to the enterprise. Envision’s solution helps customers lower hardware, software, training, integration and administrative costs.

About Envision

Envision Telephony, Inc. is a global, award-winning provider of software and services that improves performance from the contact center to the enterprise. Envision’s software includes business intelligence, speech analytics, workforce management and Click2Coach® (comprised of Envision Quality Monitoring and Envision eLearning). More information can be found at http://www.envisioninc.com.

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