Jacada Fusion 3.0 Enhances Employee Productivity and Operational Intelligence

New technology automates business processes at the desktop, helps enforce procedures and detects fraud

ATLANTA -- April 4, 2006 -- Jacada Ltd., a leading software provider of contact center productivity solutions, today announced a significant new release of its leading process optimization platform. With release 3.0 of Jacada Fusion, the company augments its non-invasive integration solution with new functionality called Desktop Automation, which automates business processes on the desktop, improving user interactions with business applications and providing real-time business intelligence.

From a technical perspective, Desktop Automation provides development and runtime facilities for monitoring a user's interaction with any type and number of business applications, capturing and publishing events triggered as a result of the user interaction, and responding to them either synchronously or asynchronously via server-side event orchestration. Desktop Automation also automates complex or repetitive navigational sequences, automates the population of data into application fields, and can force and monitor desktop behavior.

"We are seeing a growing interest in products that can quickly and cost-effectively reuse the enormous investment in legacy business applications," states Dale Vecchio, research vice president at Gartner. "The definition of legacy traditionally associated with mainframe systems has grown to include any style of application that is in place today and represents business function products that can leverage these business processes without replacing or rewriting these legacy environments, promise to deliver some immediate benefits for the business."

A valuable business application of Desktop Automation is internal governance, including fraud detection and adherence and compliance enforcement. Using the new Desktop Automation functionality, Jacada Fusion monitors how applications are being used on the desktop and can drive user behavior and enforce and monitor compliance with business practices and processes.

In early customer implementations of the Jacada Fusion Desktop Automation feature, companies are experiencing significant returns on investment:

  • A large contact center outsourcer is utilizing Desktop Automation to detect fraud and enforce compliance. While tracking the customer service representative's interaction with business applications, the outsourcer has set up alerts to be posted in real-time when processes have not been followed or information has been entered in the systems beyond set guidelines (such as offering a product below the allotted discount range).

  • A leading telecommunications company is utilizing Desktop Automation to help customer service representatives sell bundled services to its customers To sell voice, data, and video services to a customer requires navigating and updating several different, un-integrated applications with the same customer data. Jacada Fusion Desktop Automation has significantly reduced the time and effort required to complete this transaction, resulting in decreased entry errors and interaction costs.

"With Jacada Fusion 3.0, companies gain a significant advantage to drive down costs and improve revenues by eliminating much of the inefficiencies related to complex navigation and data entry across disparate applications," commented David Holmes executive vice president of Jacada. "Management gains unprecedented access to real-time data associated with desktop workflow and processes to ensure rules and regulations are being followed and that interactions with systems and customers are being optimized."

About Jacada

Jacada is a leading provider of contact center productivity solutions. The company's solutions help customers rapidly simplify and improve high-value business processes without the need for long and expensive systems replacement projects. Jacada can be reached at http://www.jacada.com or at 1-800-773-9574

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