WTware PRO v.4.2.1 is Major Painkiller for Any System Administrator

System administrators can organize dedicated thin clients, old and new PCs into a corporate network managed centrally from the terminal server, reducing costs and effort spent on hardware upgrades, administration, and data security

April 12, 2006 -- WTware today announces the release of version 4.2.1 of WTware PRO. This is a fully-fledged solution for the centralized deployment, configuration, and management of the so-called "thin clients" (also known as Windows-based terminals) and NetPCs. A "thin client," a computer with no hard drives and fans (as distinct from traditional PCs, the so-called "fat clients") requires minimum processing power and relys on its terminal server to operate. Users work behind "thin clients" in much the same way as they would behind a traditional computer, but their application (for instance, Microsoft Word) is executed on the server. A "thin client" may be any old computer converted to a "thin client," or a new dedicated "thin client."

"Thin client computing offers many benefits," says Andrey Kovalev, CEO of WTware. "A thin client is cheaper to buy and has an extended lifespan -- on average six years instead of three for desktop PCs. Besides, you can extend the life of your old desktop PC by converting it to a thin client, and you won't have to fork out money to upgrade each computer for more resource-demanding software. Instead, you spend it only on the upgrade of the terminal server.

ÔÇťAnother benefit is a single point of administration, which lets you perform software upgrades, install new applications and virus updates solely on the terminal server without visiting each machine individually. This reduces administration costs and maintenance time. On top of all this is safety. Because all data is stored on the server and internet access can be restricted, your data is safe from virus attacks, data theft, and accidental loss due to hardware malfunction."

WTware PRO at a Glance

WTware gives system administrators all the tools needed to create a "thin client," including OS, a wide array of drivers for graphic cards, network services, and a Remote Desktop Protocol Client. It is easy to setup and configure and doesn't require any knowledge in network boot technologies.

Using WTware, you can use any available "thin client" or convert old and new PCs to "thin clients" and manage them all from the terminal server through one consistent and open interface. Available connection types include Microsoft terminal services (RDP), and Windows XP with Winconnect or a similar add-on using RDP.

WTware can be booted from a network (diskless) using Etherboot/PXE or from a local floppy, CD disk, hard disk drive, USB storage, or an IDE-flash disk, DOC DiskOnChip and DOM DiskOnModule. WTware supports client-side storage (floppy, hard disk drives, CDs, and USB), printers, and bar code readers.

WTware PRO Pricing and Availability

WTware PRO 4.2.1 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 Sever/2003 Server/XP and costs $20 (USD) for one terminal. License is bound to the terminal hardware network card address (MAC-address). To get 2 FREE testing licenses on WTware PRO, please, visit http://wtware.com/download.html. Discounts for volume buyers are available. Additional information on WTware PRO, a complete set of technical documentation, a first steps guide, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from http://www.wtware.com.

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