Dynamic Solutions International Launches Virtual Tape Appliance for Enhanced Data Backup and Recovery

DSI 9900 reduces administrative time and costs by as much as 75 percent

Englewood, Colo. -- April 17, 2006 -- Dynamic Solutions International (DSI), a leading international provider of data storage solutions and comprehensive professional services for business and enterprises, today announced the availability of its DSI 9900 Virtual Tape Appliance for data backup and recovery.

“The new DSI 9900 VTL system is an evolution in our successful DSI 9000 line of Virtual Tape products; the DSI 9900 provides off-host capabilities such as encryption and replication, which allows our customers to easily tighten security and comply with government regulations,” said Chris Johnson, vice president of Storage Solutions. “The DSI 9900 Virtual Tape Appliance is a cost-effective solution that helps companies manage these challenges by using disks instead of tapes to enhance the reliability, speed, and availability of backups while consolidating the management of backup resources.”

Traditional backup systems can seamlessly write data to the VTL disk to create virtual tape volumes for on-line storage. The virtual tape volumes can then be copied, encrypted or replicated, without using host resources, for off-site and long-term archiving. By replacing traditional tape systems with the DSI 9900 Virtual Tape Appliance, data centers can streamline the backup process and add powerful features to ensure security and disaster recovery.

The DSI 9900 reduces administrative time and costs by as much as 75 percent by requiring fewer tapes and providing faster backup. It includes flexible host connectivity, seamless integration with existing backup processes, remote replication capabilities and scalable capacity for backups and archiving. The DSI 9900 also offers the ability to centrally manage backup resources with an easy to use operator interface.

Further reducing hard costs, virtual tape data can be exported to physical tape drives automatically or on-demand for storage and archiving, making data backup non-disruptive to existing backup policies and procedures.

About Dynamic Solutions International

Dynamic Solutions International is a leading provider and developer of data storage systems for mid- to large-size organizations. For additional information, call 1-800-641-5215 or visit the DSI Web site at http://www.dynamicsolutions.com.

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