LogicalApps Introduces New Solution for ERP Item Setup Automation

Software Implementation for leading jewelry manufacturer reduces time to set up new inventory items by 70 percent

IRVINE, CA -- APRIL 25, 2006 -- LogicalApps, a leading provider of embedded governance software for enterprise applications, has introduced its Item Setup Automation™ (ISA) solution to improve data integrity and accelerate the process of managing new items within a company's supply chain. The company recently completed implementation of the solution for Stuller, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of fine jewelry and jewelry-related products, reducing their inventory item setup time by 70 percent.

The ISA solution enables companies using Oracle's E-Business Suite to automate the setup of items, such as finished goods, purchasing, and raw materials. This assures that all item information is complete and accurate, and integrity of items is maintained through embedded change controls. Using ISA, workflow processes can be implemented, without programming, to manage item configuration approvals and resolve setup issues. ISA uses software from the LogicalApps' ACTIVE Governance suite and includes configuration services to tailor the solution for each customer's unique requirements.

"Setting up items in an ERP application can have a huge impact on product sales and company profitability," said Chris Capdevila, LogicalApps CEO. "Done wrong, it can slow order fulfillment, charge the wrong price, cause the wrong product to be sent out, and damage customer relations. Done right, it keeps operations humming and the supply chain moving efficiently. Our new Item Setup Automation solution makes sure the process is done right."

Stuller provides just-in-time delivery of more than 300,000 jewelry items to over 50,000 jewelers throughout the world, and uses Oracle's E-Business Suite to manage its operations and inventory. With the addition of ISA, Stuller's workflow process for entering new inventory items is now automated, and item configuration is thorough and accurate.

"When the guts of your business depend on efficient conversations with the customer, and an efficient use of the order management system to generate the transaction, you can't have 200 people on the phone unable to respond to customer's questions," says Grady Quebedeaux, Director of Sales and Distribution Software Development at Stuller. "Using the Item Setup Automation solution from LogicalApps, changes to item configuration can be made in minutes, without programming. It now takes an average of 70 percent less time to create an entire family of new products than it did before."

"We were very excited to see the efficiency gains Stuller received as a result of ISA," said Capdevila. "Careful control of inventory items is critical for successful product delivery and predictable revenue. Stuller is now seeing these benefits and we are incredibly proud of the speed in which we were able to deliver them."

To download a detailed case study on Stuller's deployment of ISA, visit http://www.logicalapps.com/pdf/casestudy/stuller.pdf. For more information about LogicalApps, visit http://www.logicalapps.com.

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