Opsware Launches New Real-Time Discovery and Application Mapping Product

New Opsware Visual Application Manager offers the only discovery and application mapping solution with fully integrated change automation

SUNNYVALE, Calif -- May 9, 2006 -- Opsware Inc. today announced its entry into the real-time discovery and application mapping market with the introduction of a new automation product, the Opsware Visual Application Manager. Application discovery and dependency mapping is an integral part of managing today’s complex IT environments as it provides a visual model to understand the environment under management. The Opsware Visual Application Manager is the only offering on the market that combines interactive application dependency maps with direct change automation for servers, software, network devices and applications. Opsware Visual Application Manager provides breakthrough technology for change management and significantly advances the way IT manages resources.

The Opsware Visual Application Manager renders a complete picture of all servers, software, and network elements and their interdependencies. From this visual interactive view, IT can gain an instant in-depth understanding of the state of the environment; identify the potential impact of changes at the infrastructure and application level; identify potential change conflicts; and execute actions such as re-configuration, patching, audits, policy remediation, and other change-management functions. The data gathered by Opsware Visual Application Manager also provides critical foundation data for populating Opsware’s CMDB.

“The use of such technologies in change management, as Opsware does, makes change planning and management significantly easier,” writes Jean-Pierre Garbani, vice president, Forrester Research in the May 2006 report, “Opsware Adds Application Dependency Mapping.” “Integrating application dependency mapping and an effective change management product brings out the value of the solution, as it becomes an effective driver for automating change and compliance.”

“As IT environments continue to explode in size and complexity, customers need to have a comprehensive application-level understanding of the environment from which to drive changes,” said Tim Howes, CTO of Opsware Inc. “Our entry into the discovery and application mapping market furthers our lead in data center automation by adding a deep view of the application environment, enabling customers to make the right changes and easily pinpoint the source of issues to speed repair and compliance management.”

Highlights of the Opsware Visual Application Manager

  • Automated Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping: Quickly discovers and maps dependencies for the entire application environment including network devices, servers, software, and business applications.

  • Interactive Visual Model: Provides unique, easy-to-use interactive visual representations of the IT environment with multiple views -- network, server and application -- to address the different needs of different IT groups.

  • Scalable, In-depth Views: Today’s application environments are extremely complex and often consist of thousands of servers and network nodes. The Opsware Visual Application Manager intelligently filters and groups information to allow in-depth views of a particular area of the data center and applications.

  • Active Change Management: Changes can be made directly from Opsware’s Visual Application Manager, making it the only such product on the market with direct change-automation capabilities. By seamlessly integrating with the Opsware Server and Network Automation Systems, the Visual Application Manager provides a single system of record to track environment state and change activity.

  • Rich, Extensible Library of Application Signatures: Enables customers to immediately identify what application components are running in their environment through a rich library of signatures, including critical applications such as Oracle, BEA WebLogic, Apache, and Microsoft SQL Server. The library is constantly updated and easily extensible by customers to accommodate their own custom applications.

In pilot release now, the Opsware Visual Application Manager product will be generally available in July 2006.

About Opsware Inc. (NASDAQ: OPSW) Opsware Inc. is the world's leading IT Automation software company. The growth of the Internet is driving a shift from client/server computing to Web architecture. With this shift comes an overwhelming proliferation of servers, networking devices and applications, creating massive complexity that makes automated IT operations a necessity. Opsware automates the complete IT lifecycle and enables IT to automatically discover, provision, patch, configure, secure, change, scale, audit, recover, consolidate, migrate, and reallocate servers, network devices and applications. Over 350 of the world's largest companies, outsourcers and government agencies use Opsware to deliver this new, automated model of IT. For more information on Opsware Inc., please visit our Web site at http://www.opsware.com.


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