MaXXan Announces CipherMax for True Enterprise-Class Encryption

Secure storage application platform-based solution extends company’s offerings to san-ready data security

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 16, 2006 -- MaXXan Systems today announced immediate availability of the new CipherMax™ data encryption offering, delivering disk, tape, or virtual tape library (VTL) data security.

Based on MaXXan’s Secure Storage Application Platform (SSAP), deployed in enterprises around the world, CipherMax extends the scalability, flexibility, and reliability of the SSAP architecture into any network storage environment without the performance inhibitions, limited functionality, complexity, and cost of current data encryption systems. CipherMax achieves the industry’s highest level of security -- 256-bit AES encryption -- to meet or exceed all current standards for data protection.

In addition to wire-speed encryption, CipherMax delivers security features to defend against network attack. A split management interface enforces a separation of duties between storage and security administrators. Security audit logs record policy violations with automatic alert notifications, and sophisticated key management ensures the ability to recover valuable data resources.

MaXXan sees CipherMax as a natural extension of its SSAP architecture. “We’ve been building the SSAP as a secure platform for mission-critical storage applications since our first products shipped in 2002,” said Nelson Bye, MaXXan president and chief operating officer. “CipherMax builds on the ingenious SSAP architecture, which allows us to continually develop and innovate data management applications as the needs of enterprise customers evolve and as the business climate becomes more sophisticated.”

CipherMax can take the place of, or perform like, an intelligent switch that provides additional applications simultaneously such as disaster recovery, secure data replication, and secure SANs. Two deployment options are available for CipherMax: the MXV250 SSAP supports from 16 up to 64 multi-purpose Fibre Channel ports, and MXV500 scales to 256 ports. Both are cluster-ready for even further expansion and higher availability, giving CipherMax true enterprise scalability and performance, and distinguishing it from software- or appliance-based point solutions for encryption.

“With encryption, MaXXan is playing its ace card,” said Arun Taneja, founder of the Taneja Group. “The SSAP is a platform to deliver storage security together with other data management and data protection applications, selectable by port, and within the fabric. It’s inexpensive but with massive scalability and wire-speed performance, so you can add security without robbing a bank.”

Other observers also see immediate value. "MaXXan's CipherMax is the first storage fabric encryption system that leverages the market trend of securing both primary and secondary data on disk," said Marc Staimer, president of Dragon Slayer Consulting. "CipherMax secures stored data against both unauthorized internal access and the disgruntled employee."

First customer shipments of CipherMax began in May.

About MaXXan Systems, Inc.

MaXXan Systems, Inc. is a leader in delivering Secure Storage Application Platform's (SSAP) to enable Application Oriented Storage Networks (AOSN). MaXXan's SSAP simplifies and consolidates mission-critical storage applications such as data encryption, data protection, disaster recovery, secure VTL, secure data replication, secure remote SAN and FC switching with high reliability, availability, and serviceability. For more information call (866) 4-MAXXAN or visit MaXXan's Web site at


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