2X ThinClientServer v3 Makes Windows Manageable on Linux

Deploys a secure, centrally managed Linux desktop that runs any Windows application via RDP.

London, UK, 23 May 2006 -- 2X announces the release of 2X ThinClientServer v3, which aims to solve the Windows desktop management hassles by controlling what Windows applications users can run via a small footprint, secure Linux desktop.

Linux on the desktop may finally happen - without the user’s knowledge.

2X ThinClientServer deploys a Linux thin-client OS with integrated desktop to PCs and thin-client devices and allows administrators to centrally control the devices and connections as well as what Windows applications a user or group of users can run.

For example, a user who only needs Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer will only see these applications on the XP-like desktop. These Windows applications will be tunneled to the desktop via either 2X ApplicationServer or Citrix Metaframe.

"Users are indifferent about having a Linux or Windows desktop. They want their favorite Windows applications. What is interfacing with the computer hardware is not important," said Nikolaos Makris, president of 2X Software Ltd.

Reducing Network administrator headaches

Using 2X ThinClientServer v3, administrators are in complete control of what applications are run on the desktop, eliminating the following repetitive tasks:

  • No more patching of desktops

  • No more checking for rogue applications on the desktop

  • No need to deploy new or update software on desktops

  • No more need to re-install XP

  • No need to back up data on desktop machines

  • Unauthorized use of removable media (USB sticks, Ipods) impossible

No Vista Upgrades or Anti-virus Software Needed

"The potential savings are dramatic. Not only can companies save significantly by cutting out the Microsoft VISTA upgrade cost (purchase and installation), they will also save by not having to buy anti-virus software, backup software, etc. for the desktop," said Nick Galea, CEO of 2X Software Ltd. "And that's just a small part of the savings. Companies who deploy this technology will benefit from reduced end-user support and allow network administrators to concentrate on other aspects of the network. Companies will have better security and reliability."


2X ThinClientServer pricing is based on the number of thin clients on the network. Prices start from as little as $595 for up to 25 thin clients to $9595 for up to 1000 thin clients. The price for 5 thin clients downloadable from http://www.2x.com/thinclientserver/free-thin-clients.htm is absolutely free!

About 2X

2X Software Ltd (2X) develops software for the booming server-based computing market. Thin-client computing controls spiraling PC management costs, centralizes application and desktop management, improves security and performance, and allows users to work remotely.

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