Nervana Delivers Industry’s Most Advanced Knowledge Discovery Solution

Unique semantic query technology rapidly unlocks complexities of specialized or proprietary data for life-sciences knowledge workers

BELLEVUE, WA – June 7, 2006 – Nervana, a leading knowledge discovery technology company, today announced delivery of version 3.0 of the Nervana Discovery Solution, a scientifically advanced and intelligent natural language query system. With the Nervana Discovery Solution, researchers and knowledge-workers in life sciences and related markets can increase their speed, efficiency, and insight in data query across a broad range of data sets and ontologies.

The patent-pending core technology of the Nervana system, combined with a number of unique new personalization features in version 3.0, allows research companies to dramatically reduce the cost of discovery and speed the time to market and ROI of key products in development.

“The state of the art of advanced information access today requires tools that improve queries as well as unify access to multiple information sources,” noted Susan Feldman, research vice president at IDC. “Because of the vast amount of information within research-intensive organizations, it's important to automate as many information-structuring and access processes as possible. This includes automatically creating queries, building data relationships across multiple sources and effectively and intelligently sorting and interpreting the data to gain useful insight.”

The Nervana Discovery Solution significantly improves both the front-end user query/discovery experience and the back-end processing of data from multiple, specialized or proprietary data domains and information repositories. At the interface level, knowledge workers can build appropriate natural semantic queries and quickly review relevant, timely results. The Nervana engine processes these searches across multiple ontologies as well as across multiple physical and semantic content sources -- both online and proprietary -- providing on-the-fly improvements in R&D efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI.

“Rapid increases in the quantity and complexity of data makes it difficult, if not impossible, for knowledge workers to use existing search technology to gain research insight in highly data and IP-intensive industries such as life sciences,” noted Nosa Omoigui, chairman and CEO of Nervana, Inc. “These employees need a better method of knowledge discovery, while their companies need a better way to unlock the value in complex data. This new and award-winning version of the Nervana Discovery Solution delivers the most powerful and flexible technology on the market for quickly and easily turning data into knowledge.”

New Personalization Features

The award-winning Nervana Discovery Solution 3.0 allows knowledge workers to quickly and easily personalize the discovery process to their specific needs and preferences by instantly building complex queries, tracking results by relevance and timeliness, and readily collaborating with others. Key new features include:

  • Drag and Drop: The unique drag-and-drop functionality is the most natural way to search and discover today, making knowledge discovery a relatively simple task. Users can simply paste a document or entity such as email, PDF, URL, or Web page to create a query. The system then analyzes the sample -- based on its meaning, and not its keywords -- and delivers semantically relevant materials (research papers, patents, news releases, stories etc.). The technology transforms the source material into a complex graph of contextual chains, allowing the knowledge worker to discover information based on an existing documented thought process. The user doesn’t have to manually type a query; the program does the work for them. This is extremely powerful as many natural, semantic questions are difficult or impossible to formulate with keywords and complex, unintuitive Boolean filters.

  • Live Mode: Live Mode allows query results to stream in real-time across the user’s desktop, providing timely and personalized industry intelligence. Live Mode also visualizes results based on context and time-sensitivity, thereby providing users with a powerful and intuitive way of managing their attention while also keeping track of critical information.

  • Collaboration: Users can boost efficiency by easily sharing relevant information with co-workers through built-in email and reporting functionality.

Nervana Discovery Solution

The Nervana Discovery Solution allows companies to use natural semantic queries instead of basic keyword tools, enabling users to simultaneously capture the most relevant and timely information from across many different domains and information repositories (internal or external). The Nervana engine semantically ranks, links, and interprets data on-the-fly, using multiple industry or proprietary ontologies, to rapidly provide the most useful insight. Capabilities include:

  • Content Pre-processing: The Nervana engine searches content without requiring tagging, yet still takes advantage of field and keyword searching if the content has already been tagged. Companies can thus quickly tap the value of their available data.

  • Semantic Ranking: Results are cross-sorted based on timeliness, relevance and precision, simultaneously supporting both high precision and high recall to enable workers to view results in multiple contexts.

  • Semantic Wildcards: The system intelligently and automatically maps keywords with wildcards to semantics and ontologies, performing complex mathematical computation and ranking on the fly. As a result, workers can use “natural language” queries and still benefit from the semantic power of the Nervana system.

  • Federated Ontologies: With Nervana, multiple ontologies (formal industry or proprietary hierarchies of concept categories and the relationships between them) and multiple content sources are federated into a single search repository, allowing companies to cross physical and semantic boundaries to gain knowledge insight.

Packaging and Pricing

The Nervana Discovery Solution is available at prices appropriate for a range of business needs and budgets. The solution can be delivered as a subscription-based offering, providing the benefits of Nervana Discovery technology without the additional investment in IT infrastructure. The product also scales to global enterprise-wide installations that involve onsite customization services including proprietary data and ontology integration.

Additional packages include unique content bundles ranging from patent information for risk mitigation to leading Life Sciences content, news, scientific literature, and ontologies needed for efficiency in research, development, and business intelligence.

About Nervana Inc.

Nervana Inc. is a leading knowledge discovery technology company. Nervana provides its customers with a full-range portfolio of knowledge discovery solutions, from intellectual property (patent) to industry specific ontology products for industries with dense multiple data sources and complex structures. The robust functionality, true semantic search, and cross indexing of ontologies can condense knowledge discovery to mere seconds, a task that would take years or decades with other available search tools.

For more information, please visit Nervana’s Web site at

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