Blue Lane Inline Patch Proxy Makes Server Patching Easier

Company introduces new patch intelligence, reporting, and management capabilities

CUPERTINO, Calif.-- June 12, 2006 -- Blue Lane Technologies today announced a new "smarter and easier" version of its groundbreaking PatchPoint(R) System featuring enhanced analytics and optimization capabilities to give enterprises unprecedented, powerful tools for the inline patching and managing of enterprise application and operating system vulnerability patches.

The new version of the PatchPoint System represents another series of industry-first breakthroughs that promise to enhance the security and ease the operational burdens of hard-to-patch and unpatchable applications and operating systems:

Unprecedented Patch Analytics and Intelligence: The new PatchPoint release delivers comprehensive and detailed pre-built reports that provide unique visibility into both the patch process and the enterprise's server inventory, including the ability to quickly assess the inline patches deployed by platform, by application and by criticality, across all servers on a network.

Additional reports provide insight into server and network resource utilization.

Enterprise-class reporting also includes the ability to export results directly to Microsoft Excel, print directly from the screen, or forward reports via e-mail to other IT professionals.

Unprecedented Optimization Capabilities: New optimization features shipping with release 2.7 redefine the paradigm for instant patching without touching or rebooting servers with: automated discovery and identification via scheduled network scanning and/or continuous passive network monitoring; automated inline patch downloads; instant inline patch protection, automatically applied to pre-existing as well as newly discovered servers; and new management capabilities for finding, tracking and sorting servers within the infrastructure, making it easy to patch an individual server or an entire datacenter with a single click of the mouse.

Seamless Integration into Existing Enterprise Networks: In addition to these new optimization capabilities, the PatchPoint System now offers new features to ensure a seamless integration into enterprise networks, including: policy-based forwarding -- to deploy PatchPoint in virtually any network deployment; failover configuration -- two PatchPoint Gateways may now be paired, identically configured and managed in parallel or serial network topologies, to provide redundancy and ensure 100% PatchPoint Gateway availability; proxy support (PatchPoint now supports the download of inline patches as well as system software image updates in environments where a proxy server must be used for all Internet traffic); and scheduled backups of the entire system (hourly to monthly) to a backup file system located anywhere on the network. Recovery of the entire management system can be accomplished quickly with the latest backup data available.

About Blue Lane Technologies Inc.

Blue Lane's inline patch proxy for enterprise servers fixes application-specific vulnerabilities at the root cause by checking for the same conditions and applying the same corrective action as the software vendor security patch. Solving the dilemma of "patch now or patch later," the Blue Lane PatchPoint system instantly secures critical applications and preserves the uptime of the business while eliminating the cost and risks associated with unscheduled patching. For more information, contact the company at

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