Insightix Introduces First Complete, Real-Time Network Access Control Solution

Insightix extends dynamic infrastructure discovery to deliver enterprise-wide network access controls

Framingham, MA (June 13, 2006) -- Insightix announced today the release of its Insightix Network Access Control (NAC) solution. Leveraging its patent-pending Dynamic Infrastructure Discovery (DID) technology, Insightix NAC ensures that network access is granted in real-time to only authorized devices without the deployment of software agents or specialized hardware.

Insightix NAC provides complete contextual IT infrastructure information to serve as the basis of a network access control policy. Insightix NAC constantly monitors the network to provide accurate IT infrastructure information and detect in real-time any new device that connects to the network. Based on the wealth of information discovered on all the IT assets and their associated properties, including element type, MAC address, IP address, operating system, open services, switch and connected switch port, patch information and more, IT professionals can easily baseline their networks and define an enforceable network access control policy. Any device that does not comply with the network access policy is denied connectivity as it attempts to attach itself to the network.

"Network Access Controls are essential for an enterprise to enforce a comprehensive IT security policy that covers every device connecting to its networking resources," said Dan Yachin, Research Director at IDC's EMEA Emerging Technologies group. "Insightix removes the complexities commonly associated with network access controls by simplifying the process to a natural extension of its already extensive network discovery capabilities."

Unlike existing network access control solutions, Insightix NAC simplifies the implementation of network access controls. Insightix NAC does not require network changes, specialized software and hardware or extended deployment efforts. Using Insightix NAC, IT professionals can define and begin enforcing a network access control policy in less then two hours.

Insightix NAC enforces the network access control policy on Layer 2 of the network, preventing unauthorized devices from connecting to the network and communicating with other elements on the network. Existing network access control solutions are based on Layer 3 enforcement, which requires specialized software or hardware and allows unauthorized devices to communicate with other elements on the same subnet.

Insightix NAC seamlessly integrates with Insightix's other network discovery and monitoring solutions.

Insightix NAC is now available through Insightix's channel partners worldwide.

About Insightix

Insightix develops complete, real-time, agentless IT infrastructure discovery and monitoring solutions that deliver comprehensive IT inventory and network topology. Insightix solutions are simple to install and provide immediate return-on-investment for network operations, IT security and regulation compliance. Insightix's solutions overcome technical limitations of existing discovery tools by pioneering approach that integrates passive and active network discovery techniques.

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