New Desktop Security Software Protects Desktops from Malicious or Accidental Changes and System Damage

NetSupport Protect can prevent users from exploring, changing, or damaging their Windows operating system

Alpharetta, GA, June 13, 2006 – Wherever computers are shared, there is the potential for one person’s hacking or innocent mistakes to disrupt others’ computing experience. With the release of NetSupport Protect desktop security software from NetSupport Software, the IT staff of educational institutions, corporate networks, libraries. and Internet cafes can readily prevent users from exploring, changing or damaging their Windows operating system, installing unauthorized software, deleting important files or otherwise causing computer havoc.

“Institutions looking to securely manage their desktops can now prevent malicious or accidental damage to their desktop environment rather than having to repair damage after the fact, which would cost more, take more time and disrupt the network more,” says Marcus Kingsley, group sales and marketing director for NetSupport. “NetSupport Protect gives IT departments and administrators or managers peace of mind, reduces time spent putting out network ‘fires’ and helps safeguard the institution’s technology investment.”

Available fully localized in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, NetSupport Protect can hide files and folders, lock control panels and settings, prevent renaming and deletion of files or folders, prevent file creation by type of file, restrict Internet downloads, and control access to USB devices and CDR or DVD drives. Workstations stay fast and reliable, and client computers last longer.

“NetSupport Protect boosts productivity by making sure that users are able to focus on the intended uses of the computer network,” Kingsley adds. “More gets done with fewer distractions while the desktop security software is preventing corruption and downtime. In schools, students learn better, and in offices, the work flow can continue without system-wide slowdowns and interruptions.”

For more information about NetSupport Protect and a free 30-day trial, visit or call 1-888-665-0808.

About NetSupport

Specializing in the development of commercial software packages to manage and support Local and Wide Area Computer Networks, NetSupport’s products include NetSupport Manager Remote Control and PC Management software, NetSupport DNA IT asset management and help desk software, NetSupport 24-7 on-demand remote support and chat, and NetSupport School classroom instruction and monitoring software.

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