Yosemite Technologies Re-Simplifies Backup

Increases capacity, scalability debuts enhanced iVTL capability, Microsoft DPM/VSS support, new customer care options

SAN JOSE, CALIF. -- June 20, 2006 -- Yosemite Technologies, Inc., a global provider of multiplatform backup solutions that span from single-server environments to the enterprise, today announced upgrades to its flagship Yosemite Backup product, including significant increases in baseline disk backup capacity, added Virtual Tape Library options and support for Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).

New choices for capacity upgrades eliminate growing pains as users can keep up with data increases affordably and budget for future growth. Users of Backup Standard, for SMBs with fewer than 20 servers, will benefit from an increase in the baseline to 8TB of disk backup capacity. For users of enterprise-class Backup Advanced, Yosemite offers the choice to expand their 8TB base disk capacity to 16TB, or to upgrade to unlimited capacity from either 8TB or 16TB. These new capacities of 8, 16 or unlimited TBs represent a far better value and more flexibility for all Yosemite customers. MSRPs for capacity upgrades start at $1699 (from 8TB to 16TB), $7229 (from 8TB to unlimited capacity) and $6799 (from 16TB to unlimited capacity).

Yosemite’s D2D2Ne™ (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) option has added enhanced Virtual Tape Library capabilities. This “iVTL” option allows users to create a VTL environment with general-purpose disk storage, not expensive proprietary hardware. By embedding the VTL functionality within the backup software itself, users can realize the advantages of Yosemite’s true three-tiered architecture at SMB-appropriate prices, as well as a one-step restore instead of an extra layer of complexity with today’s traditional VTL products. The D2D2Ne option costs $699 for both Standard and Advanced users.

An optional DPM Agent with VSS Support is now available to allow users to take advantage of standard Microsoft DPM replication with scheduled backups of DPM replicas (by file or volume) as easy as standard file backups and one-step restore to any server. The DPM agent also costs $699 for both Standard and Advanced users, and requires an additional server client license for $199.

In addition to simplification of its Backup product, the company has also simplified its service and support program, Yosemite CARE, for its Advanced product. New site-based licenses are available Backup Advanced installations with annual contracts providing standard 12x5 service or an optional upgrade to 24x7 coverage. An online ‘Product Builder’ tool makes it simpler for end users or resellers to pick the right combination of base products and options, and create a quotable configuration.

A previously announced universal pricing option eliminates the need for separate agents for Backup Standard vs. Backup Advanced, making it easier and price effective for a company to implement Yosemite’s backup solutions without worrying about costly and time-consuming upgrades.

About Yosemite Technologies

Yosemite Technologies™ is a global provider of backup software solutions that span from single server environments to the enterprise. Yosemite develops heterogeneous solutions that protect environments running Microsoft® Windows, Linux, and NetWare®. Yosemite's flagship product, Yosemite Backup™ Advanced, represents the next generation of enterprise backup software with Self Tuning Logic™ for fast backup and restore operations and an integrated Virtual Library option, D2D2Ne™, that provides multi-level, heterogeneous “disk to disk to any” backup. For more information, visit http://www.yosemitetech.com.


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