Idealstor Unveils Ibac 4.0 CDP

First software to enable continuous data protection, backup, and disaster recovery for removable hard drives, all in one comprehensive package

GAITHERSBURG, MD -- July 10, 2006 -- Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of ejectable disk-to-disk backup solutions, announced today the release of Ibac 4.0 CDP, which now includes continuous data protection capabilities for Windows servers. In addition to offering the ability to recover and restore lost or corrupted data from any point in time, Ibac 4.0 allows users to continuously backup systems on a byte level and is unique in its ability to do so using removable hard drives.

Ibac 4.0 separates backup and continuous backup into individual modules, offering users increased flexibility for data protection. For example, the software enables end users to assign continuous backups to servers containing the most critical data, while allowing the remaining servers to run on scheduled basis, if desired.

In addition, Ibac 4.0 allows users to continuously back up open files and databases, such as Exchange and SQL, without using expensive remote agents.

Unlike other pseudo-CDP products that just replicate data, giving users only the most recent version of a file, Ibac 4.0 can restore data to any point in time, using the change logs to create unlimited point in time snapshots. This technology gives users the ability to restore systems to the state in which they existed just prior to an outage, or data corruption.

The software package is not only compatible with Idealstor’s own backup solutions, including the FrankeNAS, Idealstor Backup Appliance and Idealstor SATA, but also with any other Windows server appliance, offering customers the flexibility to use this software with their existing hardware. Because Ibac 4.0 also provides an added layer of data protection through its ability to operate with ejectable disk media, backups can be quickly and easily removed for transport to an offsite storage location.

About Idealstor

Idealstor is the leading manufacturer of removable disk to disk backup solutions. The Idealstor Backup Appliance is a disk-to disk-backup that allows users to backup to disk and remove the disks and take them offsite just like they would tape. Idealstor is also the developer of Ibac Data Protection Software. Ibac is designed for any environment and backups up data quickly in its -native format. Idealstor’s aim is to take away the headaches, pain and expenses normally associated with tape based backup systems and offer you peace of mind.

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