New Releases of CA Mainframe Database Solutions Optimize Availability and Performance

Leading organizations support mission-critical applications with CA-IDMS and CA-Datacom

ISLANDIA, N.Y., July 10, 2006 -- CA today announced new releases of its CA-IDMS and CA-Datacom mainframe database management systems that enable customers to support high-volume processing requirements -- including online transactions, batch job activity, and transactions from diverse distributed-platform applications.

The new releases, which deliver advances in performance and availability, reflect CA's continuing commitment to its mainframe databases, which are used by prominent organizations such as BT and State Street Corporation to support mission-critical applications.

“As organizations extend their Internet-based and mobile computing infrastructure, they continue to rely on high performance, high-availability databases that support some of the largest systems in the world,” said Mark Combs, senior vice president at CA.

The latest CA-IDMS release features an express reorg utility for z/OS that improves system availability by reducing scheduled downtime. The release also provides enhanced compliance and audit reporting capabilities that enable organizations to track database activity by user ID. Beta test users include BT, a worldwide communications solutions leader that provides networked IT services, local, national, and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband products and services to customers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.

“BT uses CA-IDMS to support its 12 terabyte Customer Service System (CSS) database that processes more than 240 million customer billing, order processing, and fault-reporting transactions daily for more 20 million business and residential customers,” said Alan Fretten, COO for mainframe technical services at BT. “The new express reorg utility in CA-IDMS r16 SP4 reduces database reorganization time, helping us continue to deliver the 24x7 availability that CSS requires.”

Over the past year, CA has delivered additional IDMS service packs with key features such as XML document publishing, high-performance storage protection, and a JDBC Type 4 driver that dramatically increases throughput and reduces response time for Web and Java applications.

The latest CA-Datacom release supports 24x7 availability with new capabilities such as online data reorganization, online index defragmentation, uninterrupted service during scheduled IPLs, and an automated transition to an available “shadow” CA-Datacom environment if a system failure occurs. New CA-Datacom features such as parallel index queue processing and variable log block optimizations deliver significant performance gains to meet customer demands for increased workloads.

“Through our continued partnership with the CA-Datacom development team, we have provided input into the design and functionality of new product features delivered in CA-Datacom r11.2,” said Madge Meyer, executive vice president, Global Technology Infrastructure, State Street Corporation. “This relationship has enabled State Street to take advantage of performance improvements that are critical to our database environment, such as Parallel Variable Log processing, which is one of the key components in State Street’s disaster recovery operations.”


CA-Datacom r11.2 is available now and CA-IDMS r16 SP4 will be available later this month. Both products run in IBM z/OS and z/VSE environments. CA-IDMS also runs in IBM z/VM and Siemens Fujitsu BS2000/OSD environments.

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