nVision Software Delivers on Promise of High-Availability Applications

AppVision Version 5.0 provides 360-degree view of enterprise application health for improved management of Java, .NET and legacy architectures

Austin, Texas -- July 11, 2006 -- nVision Software Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of AppVision Version 5.0, developed to minimize the business risk associated with unplanned or unexplained application outages and service disruptions. AppVision is the first and only product in the industry designed to manage the internal health of applications and simultaneously correlate it with external dependencies across the enterprise in real-time, 24/7 production environments.

Multi-tier business processes depend on componentized applications using business logic and data spanning multiple systems and transactional environments, these tiered IT environments create many service-continuity challenges that existing management tools can’t proactively predict and resolve.

Businesses need highly resilient, reliable applications that are always available. The only way this can be achieved is by integrating symbionts, which live inside the runtime environment and analyze the internal health of applications and external dependencies in real time, 24/7 production environments. nVision Software designed AppVision to be used throughout the enterprise application life-cycle from development to QA and production with no performance degradation or system resource loss.

nVision Software maximizes application availability to improve customer satisfaction and experience as well as improve service continuity. “As organizations begin to calculate the business risk, or revenue lost from unplanned or unexplained outages and disruptions, more focus will be on how prepared businesses are to recover from these service disruptions,” said Johnny Anderson, CEO of nVision Software. “nVision Software is positioned to provide every type of organization with immediate access to the information that puts their operations at risk and maximizes the availability of the entire application environment resulting in applications that virtually never go down.”

AppVision Version 5.0 learns how business-critical applications behave and invokes management and detection symbionts, which are lightweight software components that integrate with and extend the application’s runtime environment to enable continuous availability, performance optimization, security, and compliance features. AppVision supports all operating systems and hardware platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and AS/400.

The newest symbionts in AppVision detect, monitor, handle, and resolve application errors and performance and capacity related events within Java or .NET environments to help businesses understand where potential problems are regardless of where they originate.

New detection and management symbionts extend AppVision’s advanced application error event management to include preventative monitoring of application performance and resource utilization. The software includes JMX performance, memory monitor, runtime event handler, CPU monitor, deadlock monitor, and thread monitor symbionts.

AppVision, Version 5.0, incorporates a set of external diagnostic tests, which can be automatically invoked to check and gauge application dependencies gathering additional information related to performance, system health, resource utilization, and network and application latency. The diagnostics monitor and test external application and infrastructure dependencies such as legacy applications, network devices, databases, etc., proactively identifying and recovering from application problems before they affect service.

AppVision delivers only the most specific event information -- down to the root cause -- in real time providing immediate action and resolution of events. Role-based notification and advanced filtering algorithms reduce alarm clutter, so the “right” person is notified only of the “right” events with complete error forensics, saving valuable IT hours associated with manual monitoring. User-defined scripts and rules allow the system to find vulnerabilities and provide for the automatic recovery of any component in the application environment.

In addition to .NET and Java platforms, AppVision supports legacy systems to deliver critical information pinpointing errors for organizations that do not operate on .NET or Java environments. Additionally, this extensibility provides a migration path for these businesses and offers inherent access to new features, which can execute crucial diagnostic tests on legacy applications based on Apache, PHP, ASP, and CGI. The lightweight and intelligent symbionts also provide the ability to support small footprint devices/nodes where memory and resource consumption are an issue in devices such as ATMs, Kiosks, and even PDAs.

About nVision Software Technologies, Inc.

Today’s highly distributed, componentized, and multi-tiered IT environments present a huge challenge for many organizations that struggle with isolating and diagnosing system errors and events. nVision Software has an all in one easy-to-use, scalable software solution which allows a single view of the health of the entire enterprise application environment. For more information, visit http://www.nvisionsoftware.com.

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