NTP Software Introduces Storage Billing System

IT can now e-mail charge back for enterprise storage usage

Nashua, NH -- July 17, 2006 -- NTP Software announced the availability of its Storage Billing System. This latest module to NTP Software Storage M&A™ will enable IT professionals to charge back for storage consumption.

Designed to run as a separate application leveraging the NTP Software Storage M&A database, Storage Billing System communicates with users by providing greater storage cost awareness across the enterprise to allocate storage consumption cost according to usage. Easily integrating with standard financial systems, Storage Billing System offers flexibility to tailor to each organization’s needs without impacting the storage platform.

NTP Software Storage Billing System features the following benefits:

  • Supports dual security models: Offers operating system authentication or application-based security to provide added internal security. Roles can be assigned to set privileges and access to system functions by user

  • Client bill back: Allows client bill back per department basis

  • Calendar month billing: Administrators can set storage billing periods for either a twelve calendar month billing or adjust for a thirteen month financial calendar

  • Flexible configuration: Assign rates by department to generate separate bills for all departments within the organization

  • Billing flexibility: Choose between summary and detailed billing reports to get storage amounts and costs per user assigned within each department

Storage Billing System also works with NTP Software QFS™ to base billing on quota usage or over-quota usage. This allows enterprises to take into consideration over draft on regular storage allotment and offers departments incentives to pre-reserve allocated storage.

“Providing chargeback functionality lets IT speak clearly and accurately about the user’s storage consumption,” said Bruce Backa, CEO, NTP Software. “With NTP Software Storage Billing System, accounting departments can use bill back as a lever to ensure that users are not abusing the storage network, which as we all know, is not free. By aligning costs with storage allocation, the Storage Billing System technology provides greater insight into an enterprise’s internal cost accounting structure to recoup the cost of storage from internal departments.”

NTP Software Storage M&A with Storage Billing System is available with NetApp® editions and every other major storage platform including NAS, RAID, DAS, and SAN.

About NTP Software

NTP Software is a worldwide leader in user-focused, policy-based storage management. We create platform-independent products that enable companies to automatically control the compliance, access, quotas, content, and life-span of their user’s stored files. NTP Software solutions also gather the analysis and planning data necessary for both short-and long-term decision making, providing everything necessary to actively control all aspects of a user’s relationship with local and shared storage. For more information: http://www.ntpsoftware.com, (800) 226-2755 or (603) 622-4400, info@ntpsoftware.com.

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