Lighthouse Global Technologies Debuts MS-Exchange/Outlook Mailbox Management for E-Trail Digital Archive

Outlook client component offers seamless integration between Outlook and E-Trail Digital Archive for mailbox management and advance search capabilities

Stamford, CT, July 18th, 2006 -- Lighthouse Global Technologies announces the release of an MS-Exchange/Outlook mailbox management for its E-Trail Digital Archive™, a low-cost, strategic, turnkey, full-featured electronic communications retention, retrieval and supervisory system. E-Trail Digital Archive is designed to enable all companies complying with regulations including SEC, NASD, NYSE, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to capture and retain electronic communications.

E-Trail Digital Archive is also an effective solution for companies that want better control over their internal e-mail policies and those that need to reduce their e-mail server operational costs through better mailbox management technologies. The new E-Trail Digital Archive Outlook Add-In is an Outlook client component that provides a seamless integration between Outlook and E-Trail Digital Archive for mailbox management and advance search capabilities.

Designed to be infrastructure-agnostic, E-Trail Digital Archive reduces both capital and operational expenses by maximizing each client’s existing infrastructure assets. Historically all interfaces of E-Trail Digital Archive have been Web-based, guaranteeing authorized access from any location, but now Lighthouse Global Technologies has integrated E-Trail Digital Archive with Outlook/Exchange for full, seamless mailbox management. Electronic communication inquiries can be run directly from a user’s Outlook mailbox, with the results displayed as an Outlook folder.

Clients can also establish policies on their Exchange servers to auto-delete e-mails (e.g., all e-mails more than 60 days old; the oldest e-mails in any mailbox that exceeds a company-specified storage maximum, etc.), leaving behind stubs that the Outlook client can use to retrieve e-mail from the E-Trail Digital Archive. This procedure will work for MS-Exchange and IMAP mailboxes. Significant savings can be realized in storage costs and server upgrades by automatically eliminating older e-mails and enforcing Exchange server storage quotas, all without affecting users.

No matter which type of mail server Outlook is associated with, users will have a search tool button for entering all necessary data for an E-Trail Digital Archive Inquiry, with the inquiry results returned to the user in a standard Outlook folder. E-Trail Digital Archive Outlook Add-In works with MS Exchange, IMAP, and POP3 mail servers.

The E-Trail Digital Archive Outlook Add-In Inquiry System simplifies e-mail management by allowing Outlook users to create, edit, save, execute, and delete electronic communication inquiries directly from the Outlook mail client, as long as the user has an E-Trail Digital Archive account and the E-Trail Digital Archive Outlook Add-In installed on his or her computer.

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