Mertech Data Releases BTR2SQL 3.0 -- Middleware Plug-in for Switching from Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL

Offers quick adoption of Oracle10g or MS SQL Server 2005 for legacy applications

Pembroke Pines, FL -- September 6, 2006 -- Mertech Data Systems, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of BTR2SQL™ v3.0, for MS SQL Server and Oracle. The product is designed for companies currently using Btrieve or Pervasive.SQL transaction database engine and who want to switch to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DBMS without undertaking expensive application re-engineering. Mertech’s plug-in approach seamlessly interfaces with existing applications, without requiring changes to the application source and without performance degradation.

“Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL are a popular embedded database with independent software vendors (ISV),” states Riaz Merchant, president of Mertech Data Systems, Inc. “Our target market are ISV’s who want to offer higher-end databases to customers with five concurrent users or more. For them, rewriting thousands of lines of codes in their complex vertical market applications would be very expensive and will not guarantee database independence. With Mertech’s technology, they can offer their applications with multiple database management systems in a very short time at a fraction of the cost of other options.”

The BTR2SQL product bundle includes an easy-to-use GUI database migration tool for creating tables and indices and for copying data, along with tools for validating data migration and data definitions. Also included is a comprehensive SDK which allows developers to mix embedded SQL and server-side components with native API calls, migrates data at high-speeds and programmatically manipulate table and index structures on the server.

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