Fujitsu FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite Supports Full SOA Deployment for SAP Applications

Virtualization and automation technology supports SAP customer demand to be SOA-capable

SUNNYVALE , Calif., September 12, 2006 -- Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the availability of FlexFrame® for mySAP™ Business Suite 3.2B, an integrated solution using virtualization technology that enables companies to run mySAP applications using a true service-oriented architecture (SOA). Companies are moving to SOAs in order to be more responsive to customers and react more quickly to changing business needs. Achieving the full benefits of shared services requires both SAP enterprise services architecture (ESA), SAP’s blueprint for putting SOA to work, and a flexible hardware platform capable of responding rapidly to dynamic business changes.

With the latest version of FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite, companies can achieve a complete, top-to-bottom SOA deployment of mySAP applications based on SAP’s Adaptive Computing Initiative, resulting in greater agility and significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With more than 100 customer deployments, Fujitsu is the only vendor offering a proven solution that takes advantage of the virtualization of mySAP applications.

An Aberdeen Group survey of 284 Global 2,000 companies revealed that by 2007, 98 percent of these companies will be engaged in SOA projects and large companies expect to save as much as $53 billion between 2006 and 2010 simply by applying SOA principles to application development and deployment.

FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite, developed by Fujitsu in close cooperation with SAP, is an adaptive computing solution that virtualizes and automates IT infrastructures. FlexFrame separates SAP applications from infrastructure resources, including computing power, the network, storage, and control and system management. This separation enables significantly greater utilization of the existing resources, resulting in a higher level of service to customers, greater adaptability to changing business demands, and lower overall TCO.

The latest version of FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite supports NetWeaver 2004s, ensuring that organizations following SAP’s recommended upgrade path can continue to reap all the flexibility and cost benefits of FlexFrame.

“The virtualization and automation technology of the Fujitsu FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite will enable us to obtain the full cost and business-process benefits promised by a service-oriented architecture,” said Russ Malz, Managing Director of application management services for ACS, a business process outsourcing and information technology solutions company that supports 65 SAP clients with users in 80 countries. “A FlexFrame-based SOA infrastructure will enable us to deliver an optimal SAP experience to our clients and respond more quickly than ever to their business needs with a flexible and scalable technology platform.”

“One of the biggest challenges facing companies deploying a service-oriented architecture has been controlling the underlying infrastructure costs,” said Patricia Hanford, director of alliances at Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation. “As large enterprises running SAP applications make their move to an SOA, FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite can address the infrastructure cost challenge through simpler management, lower maintenance overhead, and greater versatility and speed in responding to changing business needs.”

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