Network Instruments Integrates New 10 GbE Monitoring Appliances into Observer Family

Analysis probes are first to provide real-time 10 gigabit full-duplex monitoring and Expert analysis to data centers and enterprise networks

September 18, 2006, Minneapolis, MN -- Network Instruments today announced integrated support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) into the company’s line of network analyzers, probes, and portable analyzer solutions. With this integration, Network Instruments becomes the first analysis vendor capable of real-time analysis, monitoring, and reporting of full-duplex 10 GbE networks across all products.

“As the size and capacity of networks increase, Network Instruments continues to be the leader in offering easy-to-use, scalable network analysis solutions to meet even the largest organization’s network management needs,” said Douglas Smith, president and co-founder of Network Instruments. “The ability to provide real-time Expert analysis on 10 GbE networks and a consistent user interface across the entire Observer product family sets our solutions apart from other analysis tools.”

Network Instruments’ systems provide sustained 10 GbE full-duplex capture, monitoring, and analysis at line rate. With the systems, network administrators can easily monitor and manage 10 GbE networks with over 30 real-time statistics, set alarms to proactively notify on potential problems, and gather long-term trending and reporting. In addition, features like application analysis provide important application performance statistics, granular drill-down capabilities to view session-by-session communications, and real-time expert analysis to quickly diagnose any application issues or policy violations.

“By integrating support for 10 Gigabit, Fibre Channel, and NetFlow technologies, Network Instruments is well positioned to handle the network and application management needs of enterprise and data centers,” said Elisabeth Rainge, director of network and service management for IDC. “A blind spot exists on many corporate networks where the administrators can’t identify applications running on their network or their impact on the performance of essential business applications. Solutions like Observer from Network Instruments provide visibility to separate out and resolve network and application issues.”

The new line of 10 GbE monitoring appliances rely upon a custom-engineered 10 GbE capture card designed exclusively by Network Instruments for superior line-rate capture and performance.

Said Dwight Benson, vice president of electrical engineering for Network Instruments, “Our 10 GbE full-duplex capture card is unique among analysis vendors as the only one designed and manufactured in-house. It’s optimal for analysis as it can perform functions such as filtering and statistics acceleration on the card, allowing the appliance to focus on delivering real-time Expert analysis at 10 GbE speeds. And because the technology is fully integrated, we’re the only company able to deliver 10 GbE across our entire product line.”

New appliances include the 10 GbE Probe Appliance, the GigaStor-10 GbE for historical analysis and the new all-in-one 10 GbE analysis system that includes a local console for portability and isolated troubleshooting. To learn more, call (800) 526-7919 or visit

About Network Instruments

Network Instruments provides in-depth network intelligence and continuous network availability through innovative analysis solutions. Enterprise network professionals depend on Network Instruments’ Observer product line for unparalleled network visibility to efficiently solve network problems and manage deployments. By combining a powerful management console with high-performance analysis appliances, Observer simplifies problem resolution and optimizes network and application performance. For more information about the company, products, or technology, please visit

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