StillSecure Expands Enterprise Network Access Control Capabilities with Safe Access V5.0

Powerful, flexible NAC solution seamlessly integrates into the most complex enterprise environments

Superior, Colo. -- September 18, 2006 -- StillSecure® today announced Safe Access™ v5.0, a powerful, flexible network access control (NAC) solution. Customers seamlessly integrate Safe Access v5.0 into distributed environments regardless of size or complexity using single-pane-of-glass management, Enforcement Server clustering, and multi-user, role-based access. To ensure ease-of-use, Safe Access v5.0 also includes a new user interface specifically designed to support installations ranging from single sites to large enterprise-class networks.

“With increasing mobility and outsourcing becoming more common place, the network perimeter is changing. It’s not enough to just have a hard exterior, focus and attention must be paid to the insider threat,” said Mike Rothman, president and principal analyst at Security Incite.

“Customers have little tolerance for big bang solutions that require overhauling the network. They expect and deserve a customer controlled migration that can fit into existing heterogeneous networks.”

Safe Access v5.0 provides a single-pane-of-glass view into NAC through a centralized management console that consolidates all policy management, endpoint testing and enforcement activities. A single Safe Access Management Server controls multiple Enforcement Servers, which allow Safe Access to seamlessly accommodate hundreds of thousands of users in dispersed geographic locations. The architecture also supports heterogeneous network technologies, and the full range of endpoint connection types, including LAN, remote, contractors, visitors, and wireless.

The Safe Access Management Server enables custom tests and access policies to be distributed to all Enforcement Servers in a single operation.

Enforcement Servers are grouped together in “clusters” to allow for streamlined management and administration. Clusters allow numerous enforcement options, including inline, endpoint-based, 802.1x, DHCP, and Cisco’s NAC architecture, to be blended within one Safe Access implementation and managed from a single web-based console.

System monitoring and reporting are rolled up at the cluster and corporate levels for centralized management. The architecture provides administrators with instantaneous access to the full range of information, from enterprise-wide security summaries to detailed compliance information on a single endpoint.

Additional Enterprise Functionality Safe Access v5.0 includes high availability and load balancing through the clustering of Enforcement Servers. High availability ensures network uptime by providing automatic failover in a server-down situation. Should an Enforcement Server fail, other servers within a cluster automatically provide coverage for the affected network segment. Load balancing ensures that peak loads of testing activity are load-balanced across the cluster of Enforcement Servers.

Also available in Safe Access v5.0 is multi-user, role-based access, so devices and functions are only exposed on a need-to-know basis. Access to the system is strictly controlled through user roles and cluster assignments. Safe Access ships with four default user roles – System Administrator, Cluster Administrator, Help Desk User, and View-Only User – and administrators may create additional roles using Safe Access’ fine- grained permissions. Multi-user, role-based access ensures the integrity of enterprise-wide Safe Access deployments, and creates the separation of duties required by security best practices.

“Unlike solutions that only function in specific environments and architectures, Safe Access is a complete NAC solution that doesn’t force expensive network infrastructure upgrades or require architecture changes,” said Mitchell Ashley, CTO and VP of customer experience at StillSecure.

“Safe Access works in any environment regardless of network vendor or infrastructure model, and without the need for additional third party products, to deliver real NAC today. It’s this kind of flexibility that has allowed us to become recognized time and again as the best solution in the market.”

Pricing and Availability

StillSecure Safe Access v5.0 will be released on October 13, 2006, but can be ordered today from StillSecure or through any of its authorized resellers. Safe Access is available on an annual, fixed-cost subscription basis or through a purchase-plus-maintenance model based on the number of total users. Both options include all standard security tests and test updates, software upgrades, and engineer-delivered technical support. For a Safe Access trial contact StillSecure sales at

About StillSecure

StillSecure delivers network security solutions that protect IT business infrastructure. The integrated StillSecure suite provides preventative defense, enables compliance with regulatory information security policies, and actively blocks network attacks. StillSecure manages and reduces risk from network attack and noncompliance for some of the largest organizations in government, healthcare, financial services, and education. StillSecure solutions are available through its direct sales force and channel partners. For more information please call (303) 381-3830, or visit

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