IBM Forms Business Unit, Details Strategy Aimed at Anytime, Anywhere Communication over Global Networks

Company unveils products to drive integrated communications services

Armonk, NY -- September 26, 2006 -- IBM today announced the formation of a business unit aimed at enabling anytime, anywhere communication over global networks. IBM’s new Integrated Communications Services unit will focus on the delivery of innovative network and communication service products that are asset-based, replicable and standardized for clients ranging from Fortune 500’s to small- and medium-sized businesses.

The new Integrated Communications Services products represent the first step in IBM's strategy to deliver traditional labor-based technology services in a manner similar to the delivery of technology products.

In today's environment of converged communications and expanding wireless solutions, IBM’s Integrated Communications Services will design, implement, manage, and optimize clients’ communications networks, environments, and applications. IBM holds key strategic relationships with major suppliers and network service providers worldwide, including: Cisco, AT&T, Qwest, Sprint, Avaya, Symbol, and others, resulting in industry-leading capabilities in the integration and management of complex, multiple-vendor projects.

IBM’s Integrated Communications Services will help clients take full advantage of the convergence of IT and communications, using proven methodologies, more than 7,000 highly skilled global employees, innovative solutions, advanced management platforms and processes, all leveraging the full breath of IBM research, hardware, software, and services capabilities.

IBM’s Integrated Communications Services unit includes:

  • Converged Communications Services: Helps clients connect, communicate, and collaborate by taking advantage of the convergence of voice, video, and data over Internet Protocol (IP) communication standards.

  • Networking Strategy and Optimization Services: Helps align clients’ networking and communications environment to business objectives, key initiatives, and requirements.

  • Mobility, Wireless, and RFID Services: Helps clients define strategy and design, integrate, implement, and manage their mobility, wireless, and RFID environments.

  • Network Integration and Management Services: Helps clients reengineer, refresh, and transition their network infrastructures to reduce costs, integrate new technologies, expand to new locations, increase performance/resiliency/availability, and support key business initiatives.

Today’s announcement includes two new standardized service products offered through Converged Communications Services:

  • Network convergence services: Clients can purchase this product to analyze readiness for communication networks that support data, voice, and video. Almost any future application will take advantage of a converged network, such as: unified messaging, IP contact call center, and voice, video, and Web conferencing. Working with IBM, clients can design, deploy, and manage converged communication ready networks anywhere, anytime.

  • IP telephony services: Clients can purchase this service product to design, deploy, and manage IP telephony infrastructure solutions in order to reduce the costs associated with managing and maintaining separate voice and data equipment and networks. Working with IBM, businesses can deploy IP telephony services to increase the productivity of their employees.

Integrated Communications Services from IBM can help clients take advantage of converged communications in every industry. For example, in the banking industry, IBM can help banks achieve greater profitability via enhanced customer service and access, faster integration of infrastructures gained in mergers and acquisitions, and improved business processes, including secure transactions and cost-effective regulatory compliance. In the retail industry, IBM can help make the entire buying and selling experience for consumers more satisfying by creating networking and communications environments that makes information available on demand.

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