Nextwell’s Clipen 1.0 Speeds Clickstream Processing

Clickstream Processing Engine™ technology provides high-quality and easily available data to speed up clickstream data warehousing and Web analytics project implementations

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 26, 2006 -- Nextwell today announced its release of Clipen 1.0 which uses its unique Clickstream Processing Engine™ technology to provide clickstream data to data warehousing and Web analytics projects.

The crucial phase of clickstream data projects involves effectively collection, clean-up, and processing of vast amounts of raw input data, and the Clipen technology reduces implementation complexity and offers a high-performance and easy-to-deploy processing engine. The technology is now available either as the Clipen 1.0 standalone application or as a component of Nextwell's Clipen Analytics solution which delivers OLAP functionality in Web analytics.

Designed for data warehouse/ETL architects and developers, the Clipen technology brings the most complex and high-quality clickstream data completely processed and sessionized in near-real-time. The technology does not require Web server log files or Web site modifications which are unavoidable when incorporating client-side collection methods using page tags. Instead, it collects data by sniffing and analyzing network communication occurring on a Web server. In this way, the technology is capable of collecting the most complex and high-quality atomic clickstream data on hit and session granularity levels. Additionally, through a specialized sessionization algorithm, Clipen removes an inherent weakness of Web cookies technology -- when the first page request of the user’s session does not contain a session cookie and thus is not taken into account in sessionization using conventional approaches.

While easily and quickly deployable within the operating environment, the technology provides an unbeatable ability to effectively cope with complex or multi-tier server infrastructures as well as with multiple Web sites. Specially designed for high performance and scalability, the engine allows cost-effective incremental building of applied hardware resources. Including Generic Content Tracking™ and the processing customization feature via user routines written in Perl, the Clipen technology can meet clickstream-specific demands accompanying Web analytics and data warehousing projects.

David Formanek, Nextwell's co-founder and chief executive, notes: "Clipen technology maximizes the value that can be gained from the produced clickstream data, thus making it an important quality component of the infrastructure of data warehousing and Web analytics solutions, to which it supplies high-quality clickstream data for analytical use. We are fully aware of how much the results of an analysis depend on the quality of the input data, and this awareness is reflected across the entire conception of our technological products and solutions."

Key features of Clipen 1.0 include:

  • Complex and high-quality output data: Clipen provides complex and high-quality atomic clickstream data on hit and session granularity levels; corrupted or improper data are rejected throughout the data processing using data quality management, while always achieving output data consistency and accuracy.

  • Near-real-time data processing: Clipen incrementally produces sessionized data in near-real-time; when the session data processing is completed after taking a processing latency and the session is recognized as finished by the expiration of a session timeout, only one more essential latency is needed for the session data post-processing in order to finally provide the data for extraction by an external ETL application.

  • High performance and scalability: The architecture of the Clipen engine is built on the concept of data processing scalability that allows the technology to be deployed to high-volume Web sites as well as enabling growth together with growing needs. Clipen takes advantage of machines with multiple processors (SMP support); clustering is another cost-effective way to increase Clipen performance using entry-level servers and engaging them in a cluster when their additional performance is needed.

About Nextwell

Nextwell develops software technologies to support Web analytics and data warehousing solutions. Nextwell's vision is to make the Clipen platform the technical standard used in the highly demanding processing of large volumes of data, achieving top quality and the lowest possible TCO. Please visit for more information.

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