Nastel Extends HP OpenView's End-to-end Transaction Monitoring to Include IBM WebSphere MQ

Provides comprehensive performance view of WMQ-based applications from a single vantage point to speed problem resolution

MELVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 2 -- Nastel Technologies today announced the Nastel WMQ Monitor for Hewlett-Packard's OpenView Transaction Analyzer(R) (OVTA). The WMQ Monitor for OVTA extends the transaction performance-management capabilities of OVTA to the entire IBM WebSphere MQ middleware environment, affording for the first time a comprehensive performance view of WMQ-based applications from a single vantage point to speed problem resolution. The OVTA Research and Development lab reviewed and approved the functionality for completeness and proper integration with OVTA.

The WMQ Monitor tracks and measures the performance of all the WMQ-based components of an application. It is seamlessly integrated with OVTA, and is the only product to automatically provide correlated, real-time WMQ transactional performance information to OVTA out-of-the-box.

With the WMQ Monitor, OVTA users can detect and identify the source of performance bottlenecks and degradations instantly across the entire WMQ-based transaction flow and apply the right resources to resolve any problems quickly, before they impact operations. The HP labs have reviewed and approved the functionality for completeness and integration with the OpenView.

"Managing the performance of today's enterprise application architectures demands a complete end-to-end view of transactions including backend applications," said Scott Fulton R&D Lab Manager in HP's OpenView Business. "The Nastel capabilities provide a critical missing link for many of our customers."

"Most large companies today have complex integrated application environments, and more and more of them are taking advantage of the respective strengths of HP OpenView for enterprise systems management and IBM WebSphere MQ as their middleware infrastructure," observed David Mavashev, CEO of Nastel. "Now with the addition of the WMQ Monitor for OVTA, as well as our Smart Plug-in for HP OpenView, we can give these companies a seamless way to bridge between OpenView and WebSphere MQ to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of their business critical applications."

HP OVTA and the WMQ Monitor

HP OpenView Transaction Analyzer is a key component of the HP OpenView Application Management solution. OVTA monitors, analyzes and traces real transaction flows in test and production environments, providing monitoring and diagnostics for both Web and non-Web J2SE, J2EE, .NET and COM+ applications. Its transaction-centric and application-centric views combine to allow monitoring of service levels, discovery and notification of service level violations, problem localization and analysis of application performance problems.

The WMQ Monitor for OVTA from Nastel extends all of these OVTA capabilities to the IBM WebSphere MQ Series environment, affording complete end-to-end application transaction performance management.

The WMQ Monitor for OVTA is now generally available from Nastel.

About Nastel

Nastel is a pioneer in transaction monitoring and management solutions that enable businesses to ensure the high availability and reliability of business-critical applications. Nastel's AutoPilot Suite provides a real-time graphical dashboard displaying transaction flows end-to-end with point-and-click root cause discovery to speed problem resolution. For more information, visit Nastel's Web site at

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