Compuware Improves Response Times for Applications Using DB2

New version reduces MIPS consumption by pinpointing DB2/DDF performance problems

DETROIT, October 3, 2006 -- Compuware Corporation today introduced a new version of its Compuware Strobe enterprise application performance solution -- including new releases of Strobe, AutoStrobe, and iStrobe. The latest version of Strobe supports IT organizations in improving application response times for distributed and mainframe-based applications that use DB2.

Strobe now pinpoints the source of DB2 DDF SQL statements with high CPU usage or having delayed response, and determines if code changes may have degraded performance. These new capabilities increase the ability of IT organizations to effectively manage application performance and to minimize resources used by enterprise applications.

“Cost savings opportunities exist for most enterprise IT organizations utilizing mainframe technologies,” said Stephen Elliot, research manager, enterprise systems management, IDC. “One way to achieve this is through a proactive MIPS reduction initiative and appropriate capacity planning. Strategically, these savings can be used to lower overall operating costs or can be leveraged to better finance initiatives that increase customer satisfaction and lead to overall business revenue growth.”

Compuware Strobe pinpoints sources of DB2 DDF performance problems from distributed applications accessing mainframe DB2 data, while supporting the optimization of application performance throughout the life cycle. This new DDF source information helps quickly identify the application and origin of poorly performing SQL.

Additionally, AutoStrobe now offers measurement of new and changed modules to determine proactively whether code changes have altered or degraded an application’s performance. After determining the source of application performance problems, Strobe also delivers the information needed to resolve the problem. Finally, the new version of Compuware iStrobe features new reporting options and additional recommendations to make performance problems more visible and easier to resolve.

“Today, many companies are actively working to reduce their IT costs. Compuware Strobe products are a key element of Compuware’s MIPS Recovery Solution, designed to reduce MIPS and CPU consumption by reducing application inefficiencies that erode performance,” said Bruce Klenk, Strobe product manager, Compuware. “Making applications more efficient reduces the demand for MIPS and CPU, resulting in lower hardware and software costs.”

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