2X ApplicationServer v.4 Allows Seamless Publishing of Windows Apps to Remote Desktops

Significantly reduces administration overhead, security risks

London, UK, 10 October 2006 -- 2X announces the release of 2X ApplicationServer v.4, which allows seamless publishing of Windows applications onto remote desktops, significantly reducing administration overheads and security risks. The new version adds integrated load balancing, Linux and Mac client support, support for server farms, SSL tunneling, and more.

"Application publishing slashes companies' IT administration costs, improves security, and provides easy remote access for business applications. Until now, most companies were reluctant to invest in expensive application publishing solutions, but with 2X pricing starting at $395, it is now affordable to any company," said Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software.

2X ApplicationServer’s New features

  • Integrated load balancing: 2X ApplicationServer can intelligently connect users seamlessly to the appropriate terminal server. Using resource-based load balancing it can ensure redundancy, as well as distributing resource usage across a farm of terminal servers. It can also reconnect users to disconnected sessions and load balance RDP and ICA connections simultaneously.

  • Supports server farms: Publishing can be done on an entire farm (group of terminal servers).

  • Remote application publishing via SSL tunneling: With SSL tunneling, remote users can connect securely to any Windows application without the need for a VPN. End-to-end SSL encryption and certificate support makes it secure. Only a single open port is required, making it very manageable for the administrator.

  • Linux client: Allows publishing of Windows applications onto Linux desktops or Linux-based thin clients. The Linux client is integrated with a number of free thin client solutions including 2X ThinClientServer and Thinstation

  • Mac client: Mac users can run Windows applications easily without the need for virtual machines.

  • Easy to use: 2X ApplicationServer has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use. Whereas competitive solutions often required training to get started, 2X ApplicationServer v.4's use of wizards and clear interface allows admins to get application publishing up within half an hour!

Special Offers

2X has launched a Competitive Upgrade Discount program that offers companies a 40 percent discount on the initial purchase price of 2X ApplicationServer. Find out more at: http://www.2x.com/applicationserver/citrix.htm.

To help companies get started with application publishing, 2X is offering a free five-application publishing version. This version does not time out and is community supported via the 2X forums at http://forums.2x.com.

The offer is available from http://www.2x.com/applicationserver/application-publishing.htm. With it, organizations can install applications onto one central server and can use 2X ApplicationServer to seamlessly tunnel up to five applications per server onto remote desktops.

About 2X

2X Software Ltd. develops software for the booming server-based computing market. Thin client computing controls spiraling PC management costs, centralizes application and desktop management, improves security and performance, and allows users to work remotely. For more information visit: http://www.2x.com.

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