Permabit Unveils Major New Release of Dynamic Information Services Platform

New Discovery Service, enhanced management and security, and dramatic performance increase offers most powerful platform for long-term information retention and retrieval

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct 18, 2006 -- Permabit, Inc. today introduced Release 3 of its award-winning Dynamic Information Services™ (DIS) platform. This comprehensive software offering enables organizations to retain and manage information for compliance, governance and litigation support needs while maintaining fast, assured access to the underlying intelligence. With version 3, the software has been expanded with the industry’s most complete information discovery toolkit, advanced business analytic reporting capabilities, new security features, and dramatically enhanced performance.

“Organizations are realizing that the horizon for information retention is marching ever further into the future,” said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit. “The Permabit Dynamic Information Services platform is designed not for a year, or five years, but for decades to come. The new version significantly increases the capability of the system, enabling it to map to the day-in-day-out information management and protection requirements that impact your business, while dramatically reducing cost of ownership and extending the system’s long-term functionality.”

Among the significant new features in Permabit Dynamic Information Services are:

  • A new Information Discovery service module that allows users to quickly locate and retrieve business-critical information based on meta-data and content search. Leveraging technology developed by FAST Search and Transfer, a leading data classification and search technology provider, Information Discovery provides users with an extremely efficient solution for quickly addressing information discovery requests. It also overcomes the critical challenge of meeting lengthening compliance and governance timelines by ensuring that information survives the obsolescence of its originating application. With support for an expanding list of more than 370 file formats in 77 languages and a web-based search interface, the Information Discovery module has the flexibility to embrace virtually any changes to the operating environment over time.

  • New reporting and management features include an enhanced interface that provides managers with a clean, customizable view of pertinent information-centric business analytics. Managers can readily maximize system utilization, predict capacity requirements, and verify the system’s adherence to corporate governance and compliance regulations.

  • Capacity utilization and chargeback features that offer advanced support for "soft quotas" to ensure that staff is notified when a volume exceeds its expected capacity and improved integration with Storage Resource Management software used for enterprise-wide capacity trending and chargeback.

  • New enhanced security features include support for Microsoft Active Directory-based authentication and access control for Windows environments as well as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Network Information Service (NIS) for Linux and UNIX environments.

  • Web-based distributed authoring and versioning (WebDAV) volume support makes it easy to remotely access Permabit DIS volumes using standard, secure protocols such as HTTP, simplifying remote access configuration while ensuring that remote systems meet the same level of compliance and are governed by the same retention policies as local operations.

  • A 50 percent increase in overall system performance in high availability environments. A new high performance snapshot mechanism eliminates the overhead of “point-in-time” copies.

Permabit DIS is available immediately from Permabit resellers. For more information, please visit the Permabit Web site at or call 617-252-9600.

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