Maxager Technology Announces Maxager 7.3

New cost-modeling capabilities enable manufacturers to predict the impact of cost changes for even better control over profitability

San Francisco, Calif., October 24, 2006 -- Maxager Technology today announced Maxager 7.3. Building on its unique "profit-per-minute” approach, version 7.3's new cost-modeling capabilities provide manufacturers even greater control over profits and return on assets by enabling them to predict the impact of cost-component changes and analyze in great detail the cost-to-serve any customer or market.

"Maxager solved the extremely difficult challenge of integrating production velocity data and margin information some time ago,” said Michael Rothschild, founder and CEO of Maxager. "Now with the introduction of our advanced cost-modeling capability, our customers can gain an even more detailed view into the true sources of their profitability. Our advances in cost modeling will allow our customers to make better decisions and exert even greater control over their bottom line.”

Maxager 7.3 allows an unlimited number of cost components, both variable and fixed, to be interactively modeled for specific products, customers, markets, salespeople, and production facilities. Fast, precise cost modeling enables customers to gain even tighter control over the profitability of individual products, customers, deals, markets, regions, sales teams, and production facilities.

"Achieving precise visibility into profitability is no easy task,” added Rothschild. "Companies looking to use the profit-per-minute approach can either take the long road of in-house development -- which requires both technology and profit-per-minute domain expertise -- or use an existing commercial solution. Companies such as Dow Chemical and Owens-Illinois have chosen to go with Maxager as they want to reap the benefits of a profit-per-minute approach now.”

Manufacturers using the profit-per-minute approach are able to stop profit leakage worth three to five percent of revenue. For a $1 billion revenue company, this is equal to an extra $500,000 to $1 million per week on the bottom line.

Additional features in Maxager 7.3 include:

  • Expanded variance analysis and drill-down capability

  • New report and chart types

  • Enhanced security options

  • Multiple currency and unit of measure capability

Pricing and Availability

Maxager 7.3 is available now. For more information about Maxager 7.3, visit or call +1.888.MAXAGER.

About Maxager Technology

Founded in 1996, Maxager's patented enterprise profit optimization (EPO) solutions help leading chemicals, metals, electronics and other complex manufacturers increase cash and profit. Uncovering profit-gain opportunities obscured by traditional "margin only” analysis, Maxager uses both margin and production velocity information to analyze history and generate realistic forward modeling that provides management teams an entirely new level of control over Return on Assets (ROA) -- the key driver of shareholder value.

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