Permission Analyzer Manages Effective Access Rights, Strengthens Network Security

Protects against permissions-based security threats

October 25, 2006 -- Perdemia has released Permission Analyzer v. 1.4.4, a powerful Windows administration tool that quickly determines whether the system access permissions are properly set, need to be changed, or have been altered by unauthorized personnel. Since most security breaches and fraud are initiated from within organizations, Permission Analyzer affords a significant level of protection against permissions-based security threats.

Permission Analyzer can generate a clear overview of the access rights of each user or user group. With this information, it is possible to effectively manage the computer network access rights within the entire organization. Scans can be initiated manually or scheduled to run regularly. Users can easily specify the directories to be scanned and can limit the number of subdirectories that will be scanned. Reports can be exported to HTML to make them readable with a browser.

Permission Analyzer provides an analysis of access rights per user group. It's easy to set a permission filter, and only look for list, read, execute, modify, write, or full permissions. Based on the program's analysis, changes on the access rights to any folder can be made by opening the folder and making the changes within Windows.

It's easy to analyze access rights per user. The rights of a particular user, or the rights of the user groups that are related to that user, can be shown. By analyzing permissions at the user level, it is possible to control network access for every employee in the organization.

Permission Analyzer's user details report can prevent non-active users from exercising inappropriate access. This overview of all network users shows the last log-in time for each user, whether a user has been blocked, and if a user's password never expires. This report provides the tool needed to analyze any individual's network permissions activity.

The program's installed software report tells which applications are installed on each workstation. By using simple filtering, all workstations that have a particular application installed on them, or all applications installed on a particular workstation can be shown. This report shows the application, version, and publisher name, and makes it possible to manage copyright compliance and upgrades.

In addition to adding a layer of security to the network administration, Permission Analyzer reduces the workload of key personnel. Network administrators spend a lot of time investigating permissions, granting new users access rights to the network, and terminating access rights when people leave the organization. Permission Analyzer provides the essential information needed to streamline these processes. In addition, the cost of managing employee access rights takes up a large portion of an internal helpdesk's budget. By providing helpdesk personnel with Permission Analyzer, support costs go down.

Permission Analyzer has the tools for a network administrator who wants to streamline the management of network permissions, a security officer who needs to ensure that each network user has proper authorization and access, or a division manager who wants to cut support expenses by automating permissions information.

Permission Analyzer v. 1.4.4 requires a server running Windows 2000/XP/2003, clients running Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003, and an Internet connection. One license costs $149(US) and makes it possible to scan all servers, all users, all permissions, and all workstations in the network. A license may be purchased securely online at A limited trial version and a demo movie can be downloaded from the same Internet address.

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